Travel Diary | Sunday Staycation - Redwood Forest


Without spending big bucks to travel all the way to the United States, Victorians are able to enjoy the beauty of Californian redwoods, just one hour away from Melbourne. Tucked away near the picturesque town of Warburton, the serene forest holds more than 1000 Sequoia trees that are planted in grids for aesthetic purposes. As the name suggests, these trees are primarily found in California, the Northern part to be specific, due to its humidity.

One fine Sunday, I decided to have a quick trip to visit the Redwood Forest. With a pit stop at the Stones of the Yarra Valley for lunch, we reached the destination by 14:30. The address I typed in to Google Maps was "25 Cement Creek Road" or simply type "Warburton Redwood Forest". There wasn't a lot of signs and direction, but Google map will surely take you to the right place. After you have made a turn, continue on and pass over the bridge, until you see a gate and car park on the right side. Once you have parked, you can start venturing onto the tiny walkway that leads you to the forest. Be mindful that there are no toilet facilities nearby, no bins and as we went during the Summer time, there was a lot of insects that kept attacking us. Therefore bring an insect repellent and be sure to load Google maps so you can find your way home as reception can be quite scarce. But regardless, The Redwood Forest is a Victorian gem, a peaceful and magical place where you can walk between the giant trees, one of Victoria's best kept secrets. 


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