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Since a young age, my parents would always take us children travelling, whether it was to international or domestic destinations. On most weekends, we would spend at least a couple of hours in the car, either a trip to our holiday house or visiting extended families. And perhaps due to this upbringing, that is why I continue to spend my weekends outside the city whenever time permits, exploring new things. With the limited annual leave available in one year, road tripping is my alternative to travelling abroad. Fortunately, Victoria has an endless list of things to do and beautiful places to visit. With all the wineries, stunning beaches, fine restaurants and gorgeous little towns scattered around the area, it’s no surprise that the Mornington Peninsula is one of my absolute favourite destinations to visit over the weekend. 

When my friend, Michelle, came to visit Melbourne earlier in the year, we spontaneously decided to go on a glamping trip over the weekend. Something different, something exciting. As someone who is fearful of insects, most forms of outdoor activities is not usually part of my repertoire. However, with the spacious tent, comfy bed, warm blankets, fairy lights and a heater provided by Happy Glamper, staying overnight in a tent suddenly became intriguing. 

Where to stay? 
Once we have received a booking confirmation from Happy Glamper, we quickly arranged our campsite. There are several recommended options available on the website, and as Michelle and I both wanted to stay near the beach, we agreed on Point Leo Foreshore Campground. There are over 168 camping sites, of which 45 are powered, and as we obviously chose a powered campsite, it costed us $70 for two nights. Our campsite was located right near the BBQ area, playground and the shared semi-outdoor bathroom that is very clean.

What to do? 
As mentioned previously, when it comes to finding things to do around the peninsula, the list is endless. Here’s a few of my favourites that we did over the weekend to give you some ideas. 

1. Outdoor Breakfast - we started the day with something light and refreshing as we know our day will be filled with endless amount of food. So on the Friday night, we went to the supermarket and bought some berries and peaches for our fruit platter as well as coconut water. 

2. The Camping Classics - even though we went on a glamping trip, we still had to do the camping classics which involved wrapping ourselves in warm and thick blankets whilst enjoying nature, as well as making s’mores. We were pretty clueless when it comes to campfires, what we should have done was to contact the campground office and organised a barrel prior to our arrival. However, we managed to come up with a quick alternative, that is using a candle (purchased from Target, make sure it’s not scented) to slowly melt our fluffy marshmallows.

3. Stocking up - there are a number of locations scattered around the peninsula that sells a few of my favourite pantry staples, including: wines from T’Gallant, freeze dried fruit packets from Mock Red Hill (my favourites are the pears and bananas) and chilli salt from Green Olive that also serves my favourite lamb meatballs.

4. Let’s Go the The Beach-each - the trip would not be complete without us visiting a few beaches. It was in the middle of winter in Victoria so we could only walk around and enjoy the sceneries. On both mornings, I was woken up really early by the sounds of nature, just in time for the sunrise and watching it from the beach right at the campground was the perfect cherry on top. 
Due to the continuous consumptions of delicious food through out the day, we decided to do a bit of “exercise” and explored the Point Nepean National Park
And finally, we stopped at a beach around Rye and ended the day with one of the most gorgeous cotton candy sunset. 

5. Over-indulgence - One of the many things Michelle and I have in common is our love for food. Dining at East, a restaurant by a contestant from the 2013 Masterchef, was one of the culinary highlights of this trip. We ordered the oysters, arancini, tempura  zucchini flowers, wagyu bresaola and barramundi. It is nearly impossible to pick a favourite out of all these dishes, not only that the food is extremely delicious, but also visually appealing and innovative.

xoxo, ET


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