Jumping on the Culottes Bandwagon


wearing: ECLAIR COLLECTION top and bottom | WINDSOR SMITH heels | DANIEL WELLINGTON watch | MIU MIU sunglasses

By now, most people have jumped on the culottes bandwagon, but it still isn't too late for those who haven't, since they are not going anywhere any time soon. Regardless where you live and your weather condition, anyone can wear culottes to pretty much anything; from a casual Sunday brunch to a professional office meeting, anything goes. Moreover, culottes are especially perfect for those transitional weather, not warm enough for full leg exposure yet just a bit too warm for floor skimming hems. Recently, I went on a mini spontaneous road trip to Cape Schank and wearing these white culottes felt equivalent to wearing fancy pyjama pants. They were the perfect pants to travel with due to their breezy fit yet stylish look. And combining all these elements, it's no surprise that culottes are slowly creeping into the mainstream for everyday wear and even as a wardrobe staple.

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  1. you look lovely <33

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/


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