Romper Up


wearing: ROMWE romper | QUAY sunglasses | CELINE bag | FAITH JEWELS ring and bangle | PEACH BOX roman bangle | NEW LOOK boots 

Rompers, a.k.a. onesies, usually refers to the combination of shorts and a top. They have always been a hit in the baby market since the 1900s, for its casual and modern look, as well as their mobility. Then fast forward to the noughties, rompers began appearing as a fashionable garment for women both in retail and the runway world including the likes of Marc Jacobs, American Apparel, etc. And fast forward one more time to 2015, the trend is still going strong.

Rompers are versatile. There are so many styles associated with it, from the obvious casual look to feminine and boho-chic. You can easily dress it up or down, for different occasions, for both day and night. That's perhaps one of the main reasons for gaining their popularity. With Spring approaching Melbourne, what better way to embrace it than with this floral monochrome romper suit from Romwe. Welcoming the fresh blooms, embracing the slight rise in temperature and peek of sunlight. I paired it with my trusty thigh-highs just for some coverage. But in the summer, I would totally rock these with sandals or wedges!


  1. your romper looks beautiful <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  2. Love this outfit on you, and those boots are to die for!


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