How to Style Turtlenecks


There is no denying that turtlenecks have had misguided reputation of being unflattering and old fashioned. It definitely falls under the category of trickier tops to style due to its excessive material that can make you look pretty much neckless and give you a frumpy silhouette. However when styled right, this winter classic can transform your outfit ensemble and create an instant chicness. Here's a few ideas, previous posts put together to create a list of how to style turtlenecks.

This is probably the easiest look to pull of, it's just like putting on a dress and throw some boots on. I wore a pair of thigh high boots to provide me with coverage and warmth, but if you live in an area where winter isn't too cold, throw a pair of ankle boots and you can still pull of this look. This look is so comfortable and doesn't take long to style since it's just putting on one piece of clothing (and you can wear some undergarments like thermal or a pair of shorts).

When wearing something chunky and seemingly frumpy, accompany it with something more body-hugging. Remember that opposites attract. So for this thick and bulky sweater from Princess Polly, I decided to pair it with tight-fitting shorts and thigh-high boots to cover my legs from the chilly weather. Both the turtleneck sweater and thigh-high boots provide an instant effortless but chic look. And when combined together, the do wonders to make the ensemble look opulent without breaking the bank account.

This time around I went for a more feminine and pastel look with a modern edge. I paired it with a lace midi skirt to emphasise the feminity and elegance in this ensemble. And like the previous style, always remember that opposites attract. So if your turtleneck top or shorts are loose and chunky, choose a tight-fitting bottom and vice versa (that's if you want to keep your body shape shown).
 4. Turtleneck with Jeans
Bacon and eggs; black and white; batman and robin. In every category, there is at least one known as a classic combination, this applies to fashion. The simplest way and one of a classic fashion combo is pairing a turtleneck top with any form of jeans. Whether it's skinny, flared or boyfriend. This time around, I actually wanted a casual, effortless and very comfortable outfit, hence I chose to wear the boyfriend jeans. They can look pretty one-dimensional and by pairing it with a loose top, you can look rather one-dimensional. The trick it to choose the right accessories, definitely wear some heels for a more polished look.

 xoxo, ET

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