How to: Style Pinstripe Pants


wearing: DRESSLINK top | pants from Japan | STACCATO boots | CELINE bag | QUAY sunglasses | DAY & NIGHT necklaces (crescent choker, gradamethyst, teardrop amethyst)

Pinstripe pants are commonly seen as a work attire or worn by men. Even when I type 'pinstripe pants' on Google, most of the links have some sort of relations to men, blazers, work, suits, etc etc. Nowadays however, fashion tends to find certain ways to alter these stereotypes into something modern and edgy. The classic pattern is equally suited for the office and the streets. Here's a few tips to wear your pinstripe pants to the streets.

1. Pair pinstripe pants with casual tops, such as T-shirts, basic sleeveless or long-sleeve tops (as seen on this blog post). If you are trying for the everyday kind of look, then try to move away from formal and polished tops like a shirt because you can end up looking like you are going to the office. Choose something basic and casual for a more laid-back style as seen here and here. I chose to pair it with this grey asymmetrical top from Dresslink for an edgy but keeping the effortless and everday look. The material of the top keeps me super warm and comfortable throughout the day.

2. Pair pinstripe pants with a leather jacket. As usual, a leather jacket will give you an instant edgy and tough look which gives a nice contrast with the refined appearance of the pinstripe pants. The combination of the two gives a balanced and stylish look as seen here and here.

3. Pair pinstripe pants with a sweater. Sweaters basically go with anything as I have mentioned in the previous posts and the great thing about them is that you can either dress them up or down. Wear it with a loose sweater, some slip-on trainers and a leather jacket for a relaxed look as seen here; or choose some heels and a tailored coat for a polished look as seen here and here.

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  1. So pretty! I just love the outfit!


  2. the pants look adorable <33
    your hair looks gorgeous :D

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