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While we here in the South must cover ourselves up with layers and layers of clothing, those in the North are getting ready for the Summer! It's just around the corner. Here are the things that have made it into my Summer wish/must-have list.

We probably will never get border of crop tops. It's the epitome of Summer. Crop top lets your body breathe in the hot and maybe humid weather whilst giving enough coverage so that you don't get arrested for public indecency. This Burberry inspired lace crop top is one of my favourite items for its feminine lace and scalloped edge. You can dress this up by wearing a fitted skirt or tone it down by pairing it with ripped jeans. If you require to look more glamorous, a crop bustier is perfect for those summer parties or romantic dates. Or if crop tops by themselves are too revealing for your taste, you can choose something like cotton crop top with an interesting criss-cross design and wear it as an undergarment. Basically, the point is, crop tops can be worn in so many ways. Whether you want to look sexy and glamorous or casual but chic. 

Another item that has been popping up in my summer wardrobe year after year is floral prints, in any form. When you think of Summer, you obviously want to go to the be-each (Nicki Minaj reference). My top priority, besides covering my body with sunscreen because I will just burn, would be wearing something comfortable like these red floral tassel shorts. These types of shorts will feel like you're wearing pyjama shorts but stylish. Or if you have brunch with your fellow foodies, these origami skort or blue skirt are perhaps more appropriate. 

2. Knot grey skirt - US $4.83
3. Striped off the shoulder top - US $5.30
5. V bustier - US $4.14

xoxo, ET

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