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wearing: BEGINNING BOUTIQUE turtleneck dress (similar here) | NEW LOOK boots | QUAY EYEWEAR "My Girl" sunglasses 

Winter is officially here (Game of Thrones reference here). I have officially said goodbye, or more like "see you later" to all my summer clothes, and replaced them with chunky thick knits instead. Not any knits, turtlenecks specifically. This blog is sort of like a diary entry and when reading back, I can see how my style evolves from time to time. There's an entry here and there telling how I used to hate wearing a certain thing but now I love it, so here's another one.

As a kid, I hated turtlenecks. I refused to wear anything with extra material around the neck. Scarves are fine because you can adjust or take it off when you don't need them anymore, but absolutely no turtlenecks or anything close to one. Maybe it's the constrained feeling or the way people used to style it, I just disliked it, with a passion. After looking at winter fashion inspirations, Pinterest has completely changed my feelings towards it. Currently, I want to buy all the turtleneck items I see (with reasonable price). Tops, jumpers, dresses... everything.

I am loving these unique and comfortable turtleneck dress from Beginning Boutique with zips at the elbows. Although probably not so practical when you have the zips open since your arms will probably get cold, but it gives a unique silhouette. Something simple, different yet gorgeous. And continuing the love of thigh-highs since last year, I paired this dress with black boots to elongate the legs as well as covering it from the cold. Here's a few tips and tricks I wrote last year of how to style thigh-high boots.

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  1. the turtleneck dress looks so pretty and cool <33

    cheer, michelle ~


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