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wearing: MISS SHOP sweater | ECLAIR COLLECTION shorts | NEW LOOK boots | QUAY EYEWEAR sunglasses

When I received the beautifully packaged box from Myer Miss Shop, I had a sudden fashion nostalgia looking at the Barbie sweaters. The Barbie section at Toys R Us used to be my absolute favourite, that is of course before the era of sl*tty Barbie lookalikes. Some may say Hello Kitty is the ultimate girls' toy, but others may also disagree. I mean, Aqua made a pretty viral song dedicated to Barbie before youtube and other social media platform existed. So when I found out about the Barbie collection by Miss Shop, I was beyond ecstatic. 

I paired it with a fellow white bottom to keep the look clean and added thigh-high boots to keep it edgy. This fluffy Barbie sweater is perfect for the winter. It is made out of a very soft and comfortable material which keeps you really warm and cozy. And of course, the jumper is so fluffy I'm gonna die. 

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  1. the jumper looks so lovely and adorable :D
    barbie used to be my fave too <33

    cheer, michelle ~


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