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Don’t judge the book by its cover. This does not only apply to everyday social situations but also to inanimate objects such as beauty products. Due to various experiences, I sometimes doubt whether to purchase a certain thing full price or not because some may appear enticing but once you have tried it, the results may differ to what your expectations are, and obviously no one wants to waste money unless you have unlimited digits. Well thanks to Bella Box, we have the chance to be introduced as well as try new and on-trend various beauty brands that beauty gurus, Youtubers and you friends have been raving about, at a very affordable price. Usually, Bella Box builds a beauty sample box each month tailored to each member’s beauty profile. However, for the month of June, the products that will be included in the package are revealed in advance, prior to purchasing. And since one of the products is  little bit bigger to fit in the gorgeous (usual) blue box, this month it will be the brown one as shown below. So let’s take a peek!

1. Aveda - intensive restructuring treatment
Lately I have been colouring and curling my hair a lot, and to no surprise, as a result my hair becomes very dry and damaged. I have heard of positive comments about Aveda’s products, so upon receiving Bellabox, I was very excited. The intensive restructuring treatment is part of the Damage Remedy line, which is perfect for my current hair condition. After the first use I can easily tell the positive difference between pre and post use. My hair becomes softer and silkier as well as deeply nourished. I can’t wait to continue using it!

2. Burt’s Bees
As soon as I tried this lip balm, I immediately noticed the menthol tingle from the peppermint oil, which gives a refreshing feeling and smell. The combination of beeswax, different types of natural oil and vitamin E help to protect and soothe the lips from the dry winter weather. I love the consistency of the balm, how it’s solid but easy to apply, not sticky and oily, just enough to moisturize and keep the lips smooth and soft.

3. Jean Patou 1000
To me the smell of Jean Patou’s 1000 perfume smells sexy and sophisticated. It is classic and works well for both day and night. Moreover the scent is strong but not overwhelming, as long as you don’t wear too much and has a wonderful longevity.

4. Original Source – Watermelon & Jojoba Oil
The watermelon scent of this body wash is very refreshing which lingers on the skin, making it smell sweet and summery. Within the liquid, there are soft oil beads floating around and although you don’t really notice them when rubbing them against your skin, it leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished.

5. Universal Beauty Cosmetics – Tint Stick
If technology can evolve then so can beauty products. Nowadays there are so many different kinds of products to colour your lips: gloss, oily, matte or tint. I’ve always been curious to try tinted sticks for the lips. I genuinely think that Universal Beauty Cosmetic live up to their promise of anti-feathering and long lasting wear (with a minimum of 10 hours) for their tint sticks. I applied two layers of tint stick on my lips for a more vibrant and luscious effect, and it did stay on for more than 10 hours, even after brunch and dinner. I love how I could still colour my lips but feels like I’m wearing nothing on my lips, without that sticky uncomfortable feeling. It’s perfect for this dry winter weather Australia is currently experiencing as UB tint stick uses a water-based formula with aloe vera, which provides moisture and hydration to the lips.

Interested? The box is only $17.95 per month, including postage and handling. There is no contract so you can easily cancel your subscription whenever you want and payment can easily be made via Paypal or credit card. Then the Bella Box will be delivered to your door. If you are interested in any of the products listed, subscribe before the 17th of June. So be quick!

Thank you for Nuffnang and Bella Box for making this post happen :) 

xoxo, ET

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