wearing: top, hat and shoes from Japan | mum's pants | DAY AND NIGHT rings and double stud bangle | PEACHBOX roman bangle

Why is it that when you can't do or have a certain thing, it becomes more enticing? I find myself wanting to layer up in the summer and vice versa, having the urge to wear bright and light clothing when reaching the colder months. Perhaps I am still used to the Japanese season  or maybe I just want to wear the recently bought items. Not sure, just wear whatever.

Over in Japan, Jessica and I mainly likes and buys the same things, whether it is clothes, shoes or even those kawaii souvenir pouches. One time we were at Forever21 and we both picked the exact top and bottom that goes together, meaning exact outfit replica. The same scenario goes for this top. I instantly fell in love with the gorgeous feminine pattern and thought that it would go well with something white o that the vibrant colour pops even more. To continue with the warm tones, i decided to wear gold rings from Day & Night as well as bangles from The Peach Box. 


  1. Love your outfit!


  2. you look gorgeous and stunning as always <33

    cheer, michelle ~


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