5 #Instaworthy Brunch Places in Melbourne


I always feel so privileged and spoiled to be surrounded by great food, especially amazing coffee, in Melbourne. Wherever I go to eat, I cannot help but to compare the food to the ones I have previously tried and I can easily say that Australia has some of the BEST brunches, judged by taste, creativity and especially appearance. So here is a list of my 5 #instaworthy brunch places in Melbourne! (At no particular order since they're all so delicious.)

1. Tall Timber (Prahran): I ordered the Kale and Asparagus dish. Although it feels quite light at first, the dish is very filling, tasty and definitely healthy. I also tried my friends' dished and I have to mention that the Pumpkin Bruschetta is amazing. Similar to the Kale dish, it is very filling and even tastier.
Besides the food, the atmosphere and setting is very homey. My favourite place to sit is at the outdoor area where there is a sharing table with a herb garden in the middle of the table. I would definitely go back to this place.

2. Nora (Carlton) - I found the food at Nora very eccentric and I guess if  Nora was music, it would be"Indie". Nora has its own niche which is very unique and I haven't really seen this kind anywhere, or maybe I'm just not exposed to it yet. It's an asian fusion cafe with a very artistic and minimalist touch in regards to the food and interior. I tried the Pork Belly dish with pieces of charcoal and I loved it. I think the most important factor for me to like any dish is how tasty it is. If it lacks seasoning then Goodbye straight away as I will definitely avoid ordering it again. The pork and the charcoal pieces are definitely tasty and the freshness of the cucumber and raddish balances the whole dish. I fell in love with the plating right away, it's something new and unique. My friend ordered some kind of omelette dish which tasted pretty much like egg yolk. I'm not a big fan of yolk hence this wasn't my favourite but people who are into yolk, then they would probably love this. I must say however, I wish the table was a tad bigger as we werestruggling to fit all the food and the drinks. 

3. Cibi (Collingwood) - Even though this isn't the first one I mentioned, Cibi is, hands down, my number 1 favourite brunch! Maybe it's because I'm Asian, hence the love for rice and most food that has an Asian touch. To me, Cibi serves a traditional Japanese breakfast that is clean, photogenic and contains all the nutrients a human being need in a day. I always come here during the weekend so I can order their special weekend menu which is this salmon dish with tamago (egg roll), brown rice, potato salad, some other random veggie dish that changes a lot and miso soup. There is a vegetarian option as well, they replace the salmon with pumpkin. Whenever there's guests from overseas (such as my parents), I always get them to eat here and so far everyone loves it. 

4. Kitchen at Weylandts (Richmond/Abbotsford) - I have only been here once and I had a great experience, so one day I will be back but just don't know when yet since there are heaps of other brunch places I have yet to try. Again, besides the great and tasty food, the clean interior is captivating. I am obsessed with corn since young, so I had to order the corn fritters. I have tried a lot of corn fritters at different places and so far the only one I like is the one from Mart 130, until I tried Kitchen and Weylandts. The reason is that the fritters are packed with corn! and more corn as the topping! I hate it when my corn fritters have more dough than corn #firstworldproblem. My friend ordered the (apparently) very popular mushroom on toast. It's very buttery and tasty. Nothing can go wrong with butter and mushroom. 

5. Stables of Como (South Yarra/Toorak) - the location, outdoor setting, a table full of sweets and garden are the reasons why I fell in love with this place. Another critical factor for me to love the place is how unique the place is. I keep thinking that Stables of Como is the Melbourne version of Sydney's Grounds of Alexandria. As soon as I stepped inside to see the table full of desserts, I was just squealing full of excitement (in my head obviously). I haven't actually tried any of the sweets because I usually get too full from the brunch, but one day I will. My favourite dish is the mushroom risotto!

So have you tried any of these? Let me know if you have and what your favourite brunch places are in the comments down below or simply email me at jajatanudjaja@gmail.com .

xoxo, ET


  1. great review and the photos look lovely <33

    cheer, michelle~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/

  2. I need to check out these places asap! x


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