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wearing: EBAY top | ASOS skirt | NEW LOOK heels | FACTORIE sunglasses

Traditionally, PVC and other high-shine fabrics are known as the sartorial domain of domination and hence may have gotten a slightly bad reputation. However, with the help of runways and it girls, for instance Alexa Chung and Kimmy K, this particular fabric has gotten a makeover thus most misconceptions are now buried. If styled the right way, a simple piece made out of this material will look chic, smart and daring.
Perhaps wearing latex in this tropical weather is not such a good idea. I was covered in sweat, head to toe, by the end of this shoot. Patent materials make such a statement, there is no need for an extravagant top and accessories to go with it. I paired this simple knee-length design with a humorous T-shirt and a basic strap heels to make it more street style and appropriate for everyday wear. 

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  1. the skirt looks lovely on youuu <33

    cheer, michelle ~


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