Valentine;s Day Outfit Ideas #3 - Dinner for Two


wearing: ASOS top | YOUNGH HUNGRY FREE skirt | WINDSOR SMITH heels | FACTORIE sunglasses 

Valentine's Day is just around the corner? Any plans yet?
I have listed a few ideas on the previous posts along with appropriate outfits. Perhaps a romantic picnic or a day trip to the spa? Or simply have a girls' day and night out. As you may have already figured out from the title, the third and last Valentine's Outfit Ideas post is dedicated for those who are planning to have a romantic dinner date. The most common, obvious but classic and sweet plan for the event.

One of the most well known rule in fashion is that "opposites attract", even Paula Abdul has a song named after this. So when involving a peplum top, which has a piece of fabric attached to the waistline as a full flounce, the first thing you think about is pairing it with a tight fitting bottom such as a bodycon skirt or skinny pants. One night I was trying on clothes in my wardrobe and randomly I decided to combine both these pieces together which I would not do normally because both has a distinct flared silhouette. I fell in love with the look straight away because somehow those two pieces just blend and the two together look like a dress. Perhaps the identical material which they both share is one of the factors which made the look work. 

xoxo, ET


  1. Fresh colors, pretty silhouette of the outfit, and also great photographs and place!
    I love this look so much XO

    ♥ A Red Crown Girl by ILS

  2. I really like the combination! It works really well.
    Also I love the sunflowers in the background - so pretty!

    Put The Radio On

  3. perfection! i love your shoes and the sunflowers are beautiful<3

    visit mine,

  4. you look so gorgeous :D
    btw love the combination of peplum top and flare skirt <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  5. I love the shape you created with this outfit! It fits you really well and it is super cute!! Not many people opt for this type of look. :D



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