Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas #2 - Romantic Outtings


Wearing: BEGINNING BOUTIQUE top | Aliexpress skirt | LIPSTICK heels | GIVENCHY bag | FACTORIE sunglasses

When planning this series of posts, I thought of the things people would normally do on Valentine's Day (NB: I am no Valentine expert). I have always thought that a picnic is the definition of romance (when it's just the two of you obviously). Sitting on top of a checkered rug, eating homemade sandwiches or quiches or other fancy food... Or if you are not really into cooking and are looking for a fancier version, a day trip to a winery or basically anywhere can be an alternative.

To play along with the romantic theme, I chose this midi skirt which is definitely in season. People are ditching the minis and turning towards the midis. A full midi skirt has a very captivating and enchanting look. It provides the whole outfit with a nice romantic twist. It can be quite tricky when it comes to skirt because one type of skirt may not please everyone. So here are some tips to wear midi skirts:
1. Wear it high-waisted - Now I personally believe that any high-waisted items give the illusion of longer legs because the material starts at the waist. And at the same time it also emphasise the waist for a more curvaceous silhouette, especially when worn with a belt. 

2.  Try them on or shop at the "petite" section - for shorter people like me, definitely try them on first and see how long the skirt is because if it's too long then the midi skirt will become a maxi skirt instead. 

3. Wear it with some sort of heels (or platforms) - similar to the first reason, this just elongates the legs.


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