Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas - #1 Single & Ready to Mingle


wearing: BEGINNING BOUTIQUE top | SHOWPO shorts | DAY & NIGHT necklace | FACTORIE sunglasses | GIVENCHY bag | H&M boots

It seems like yesterday we have just entered the year 2015, and now it's the second month already. February, the month of love, the month when most girls expect to be showered with gifts, the month where singles (regardless of gender) whinge and spam their friend's social media feed with #foreveralone. Well all of you singles... whinge no further and get your ass of your couch. Plan something with your friends, go for brunch, have a day trip to a winery, have a spa day, etc, etc. The point is, people can get creative and do things with your loved ones (you love your friends right?).

I have prepared some Valentine's outfit ideas for you all and as the title and the introduction have suggested, the first one is dedicated for you all singles out there. I live in the Australia so Valentine's Day falls in the season of Summer. So this collection of outfits is most definitely not appropriate for you in the Northern Hemisphere, but I hope it can still be an inspiration! 

Your girlfriends are the ones who will understand current trends and thus crazier choices of clothing will not be judged. So try trends you haven't before or go all out. I know some of you will probably think that this outfit isn't really "out there", but I noticed that some boys aren't a big fan of off-shoulder tops. In these instances, wear them with your girlfriends. This top is flirty, has an essence of dark romance and I decided to pair it with this whimsical nautical shorts from Showpo that's just as fun. I love the frills that bounces as you walk and the fit. If you are planning to have a night out, simply change the boots to heels for longer sexy legs and the bag to a small cross-body bag for practicality. 

xoxo, ET

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