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wearing: ASOS peplum top | COTTON ON skirt | WINDSOR SMITH heels | SWISH perfume clutch | vintage necklace | HERMES clic clac bracelet | sunglasses belong to Jessica Utami

As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed prior but close to christmas time, Tuula's page came up advertising this peplum top and I knew straight away that I needed that item to be part of my staple wardrobe. I did not hesitate to add it on my cart and purchase it right away because I thought if Jessica Stein is telling everyone to buy it, then literally everyone will buy it. So I did not want to miss the chance on laying my hands on this yet another neoprene piece of clothing (I have explained my obsession previously in this post). I cannot emphasise how much I love this scuba material. If this top was made using other types of material that does not have the strength and thickness to create this great structure, then it's just another white top that I would probably just scroll through without stopping. It is a simple design but the exaggerated structural silhouette gives the wow and elegant factor that allows this top to be worn to a dressier event. And just as I thought, it was pretty much sold out without hours.

I have always seen people take photos at Parliament, but I didn't think that the location could be this photogenic. When you look at the building, yes it does look majestic but when you try to take a photo with it, it's pretty average. Unless you take  it from across the road so you get the whole thing on the photo or... take a photo from the building side towards the city. You capture the vintage looking cement railing and lights, juxtaposed against the modern tall buildings and if you are lucky, Melbourne's restaurant trams. 


  1. Every single time I see those shoes I die bit by bit. Need one of these desperately *sigh*

  2. So glamorous girl!
    I seriously love every single piece from your outfit <3
    I think I need to get me a pair of those chunky sandals ^^


  3. pretty look and great shots <33

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/


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