Estate Italiano


wearing: DRESSES UP dress | SWISH clutch | WINDSOR SMITH heels | sunglasses belongs to Denissa Hady 

After getting another job in East Melbourne approximately five months ago, I became lucky enough to be constantly surrounded by some of Melbourne's beautiful, photo-worthy locations. At the start and end of each day I work, I will have to pass (and obviously admire) the Fitzroy garden which is where this gorgeous fountain is located and I knew straight away that one day I could use this for a photo shoot. Consequently, when I received this dress in the mail from Dresses Up, my constant gaze and appreciation for this place quickly inspired this post. 

My passion for travelling is unfortunately limited by lack of free time. So my way of escaping to paradise is by browsing for inspiration either on square or pin feeds. Alternatively, just imagine and escape within, without leaving on a plane. Similar to my previous post in "Paris", this time I brought an Italian summer to Melbourne with this floral evocative dress, reminding me of Dolce & Gabbana's collection. 

xoxo, ET

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  1. stunning!! :)
    what a lovely items you got there <33

    cheer, michelle


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