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wearing: FEMMEX top | EBAY shorts | RUBI sandals and sunglasses

Last Sunday I decided to have a picnic at Brighton beach. No matter how old I get, I somehow find my way to be childish whenever I am at the beach. If there's waves I will get on a body board (the dorky version of a surf board); if there's none then I channel my energy to build a sandcastle or find someone to bury under the sand and turn them into a mermaid. So I thought this top filled with smiley faces is the perfect way of expressing these feelings.
And instead of the usual picnic with sandwiches, pies, salads... I like my picnic to be asian. So that Sunday was filled with delicious Japanese related food: fresh nigiri sushi, nostalgic snacks (Pocky) and the only alcohol I truly enjoy drinking, Plum wine. Oh and of course touristy photos with peace signs. 


  1. craving for the japanese foods!


  2. That tee is so cool! yay for acid smileys!:D

    The place is so cool!
    I love those vivid colored huts....whoa....:O

    Adventure of P-Chaaaan!!


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