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When you think of Indian food, what first comes to mind? Curries, roti... Food that is verging towards the heavier side. Tadka Boom! has done a make-over to Indian cuisine and invented a modern and healthy version of the traditional dishes whilst still maintaining a connection to its roots. This is fusion of East and West at its best. Melbourne is blessed to have its first ever Indian Fusion Kitchen in the CBD that is open for lunch during the weekdays. The menu is filled with a range of delicious, healthy and light dishes with high levels of creativity and quality. 

It's quite hard for me to choose one particular favourite, but here are a few of my favourite things:
1. Brown Rice Bowls - This is where you get to choose and mix your fillings, very similar to a Burrito bowl you get from Mexican restaurants, but obviously the ones at Tadka Boom! are Indian. My favourite filling was hands down the Kid Kaboom!, which is lamb that has been marinated with 15 different spices and cooked for 15 hours. Writing that sentence has made me salivate. 
2. Tadka Sliders - These are mini burgers (as the name suggests) with an Indian touch. The hero that makes these sliders very Tadka Boom!, is the tomato chutney they spread on the brioche. It is simply delicious. Luckily they put a small jar in the goodie bag, and I literally put it on everything! I even eat it straight out of the jar because it is THAT good. 
3. Masala Chips - These are crispy potato chips covered in Tadka salt. The flavour of the salt is complex and explosive, nothing like your normal chicken salt on chips. 
4. Bombay Bites - They look like chicken popcorn, but 100x more crispy and tasty... and they're vegetarian! Each individual nuggets are hand rolled lentil seasoned with herbs and coriander aioli is available on the side.
5. R.O.C tea - raspberry, orange and cinnamon infused ice tea. The combination of raspberry and orange is something I have never come across, but is sure damn good. The cinnamon also gives a kick that makes this drink irresistible.

I can spend 2 extra pages talking about how amazing Tadka Boom!'s food is. Their food is simply delicious and  I have never seen anything quite like it in Melbourne. So do try their food!
ps: they were also on Broadsheet with pictures that will make your eyes hungry!
pps: their urbanspoon page has a really high percentage which just shows how much people love this place.
ppps: I apologise for the quality of the photos, it was night time :(

address: 22 Goldsbrough Lane, Melbourne, VIC 3000

xoxo, ET


  1. Aaa~ the food looks delicious :9
    especially that mini burger looks adorable <33

    cheer, michelle


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