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Jam & Cream
1 Orr Street, Heidelberg Heights, VIC
(03) 9457 3566

Being at uni (or college for you Americans) means that you can have lots of spare time to enjoy the sunshine and consume scrumptious goodies. Unfortunately, due to recent employment, I have lost this privilege. Only the weekends are available, but even that... I usually have errands that I could not complete during weekdays, so I have to do it in my spare time, i.e. the weekend. Enjoy your time now kids, the working life is bleak. LOL JKS, it's not that bad. Just think about the $$$ and you'll be fine.

To celebrate Diana's birthday (back in the day when I had lots of free time),  we went to a homey and cozy place in Heidelberg Heights called "Jam and Cream". A friend of mine, Angela, found the place and organised everything. The interior was so cute, they have decorations that make us feel comfortable and at home, e.g. a line of granny pants undies. Their food is amazing as well. Unlike the food at those high teas you get at hotels like the Langham or Windsor, Jam and Cream is simple and humble; classic and unpretentious. My favourite would be the rolled sandwiches that resembles sushi. They are very light but tasty and actually quite filling. As usual, even though I was already full, I was gasping for air due to over excitement when I saw the dessert. The scones were freshly warm and fluffy; the raspberry jam had the perfect amount of sweet and tangy taste. My absolute favourite out of all would be the passionfruit swiss roll because of the soft texture, the sugar coating on the outside and the perfect balance of lightness from the cream and refreshing passionfruit puree. 

xx, ET


  1. Amazing photos, everything looks delicious! That last photo is so cute. x

  2. Everything looks so delicious! I love the bright color of turquoise around the cafe, it definitely looks like a homy place to eat.

    I found your blog via Chictopia and I love all the outfit and lifestyle posts! Currently following you GFC and can't wait to see your next post. Have a wonderful day ♡

    xx AlexisSplash

  3. Aaa the place looks lovely <33
    the pictures looks amazing! :D

    cheer, michelle

  4. food, food and food.. hmmm look so yummy..
    great picture darl..
    Mind if we follow each other? please tell me..

    with Love,
    Bella Luna

  5. Aiye.... super yummie food!


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