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wearing: THE EDITOR'S MARKET galaxy crop top | H&M overall | JEFFREY CAMPBELL boots | FOREVER 21 scissors necklace | DAY AND NIGHT gemstone necklaces: rose quartz & amethyst

There's no doubt, old trends are coming back. More specifically, our favourite childhood trends have made appearances in the fashion world. Friendship bracelets, tying a shirt around the waist and overalls! Or dungarees, whatever you want to call it.
NB: I know this has been around since last year.

Despite the numerous versions of overalls (i.e. denim, eccentric patterned fabrics and colours, etc), they still remain true to their boyish and super comfy roots. One of the dangers of wearing one of these is that you can look more like a hillbilly than fashion forward. My tip, is to avoid long denim overalls. If you are in love with denim, at least choose the short ones. Secondly, pair it with something fun underneath. My overalls is plain black, so I decided to choose something with a cool pattern underneath, i.e. galaxy. Overalls is also a great way to have more coverage when wearing crop tops for those of you who does not want to show too much skin. 
Thirdly, I chose to pair this outfit with black boots for an illusion of longer legs.


  1. love your outfit !
    especially your top

  2. Loving this look so much! Those dungarees look great on you x

  3. So pretty!
    I love the crop top & the over all! x


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