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Plaid is a timeless classic pattern and has always been a favourite. It conjures images of that 90s rocker-chic and punk era, where people weren't shy to make strong style statements through their attire. Plaid is definitely back and more powerful than ever. 
There are so many ways you can style a plaid shirt. It's a fashionable and functional item every wardrobe needs this fall for layering, having that effortless look and giving your body that extra insulation. This week I picked a checkered monochrome shirt, from Material World by Madonna which is available at Myer Miss Shop, and put together 3 different outfits.

 wearing: MISS SHOP shirt | AMERICAN APPAREL disco pants | GIVENCHY antigona bag | H&M necklace & earrings | RUBI sunglasses | shoes from Taipei

For the first outfit I decided wear this shirt as it is, making it the highlight of the outfit. Plaid prints can make quite a strong statement, especially when worn as a block (meaning as a bottom or a top). Therefore I wanted to pair it with something simple to complement it; and what's more simpler than a pair of tight black pants? The shirt also has an oversized fit and this is another reason why I chose something that is tight fitting to pair it with, so that I don't lose my figure. Opposites attract. These pants are another wardrobe staple of mine. What I love most about it is that it's made out of soft material for comfort and it's high-waisted to give the illusion of longer and skinnier legs.

xoxo, ET


  1. I'm soo in love with your outfit!! <3

  2. Hi, your Lookbook page linked me here :D Great style, do you know The Clothes Encounter in Youtube? You may like her style as well, it's quite similar ^^

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