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wearing: ZARA sweater | EBAY skirt | MNO.LOGIE clutch | JEFFREY CAMPBELL nightwalk heels

Seriously Melbourne, what is wrong with you? Last week you gave us warm and sunny weather, then within hours a sudden drop in temperatures, an army of grey clouds and gusting winds invaded the city. Stop the teasing.
Due to these circumstances, I ended up wearing this yesterday (thick tights instead of socks and ugg boots instead of the JC heel-less heels). I initially started with 2 layers then it started raining heavily so I had to borrow my boyfriend's hoodie. So at the end of the day I wore 3 layers of tops, and it's supposed to be Spring. Cray Cray.
I am still in love with these screaming animal heads jumpers, which is very similar to the Kenzo ones. To tie the whole outfit together, I decided to pair it with a maroon pleather skirt, socks and my Mno.Logie clutch to match the colour of the wolf's tongue and gum. I bought the skirt from Ebay ages ago but haven't got the chance to really wear it. I even forgot that I had it. It was really cheap and very good quality in terms of size and how it was sewn. That's what I love from Ebay. You can basically find most things for at least half the price. Check out the link if you are interested, it's free shipping as well!

ps: did you notice I was being punny with the title?

xoxo, ET


  1. OMGG I just realize that its not a 'how' on your title! btw cool look, love the jumper and clutch :D

    cheer, michelle

  2. love your outfit. i love the skirt and clutch
    you matched it really well anyway with your lipstick colour. gorgeous!

    visit mine wherever you have a chance :

  3. Great look !!! xx The sweater is amazing


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  4. Gorgeous look! I loooove your style!

  5. love ur look x esp the thing on your hand (not sure exactly what its called) lol x
    love em

    Little Miss Olen.

  6. great sweater and shoes!
    you look so chic

    do you want to follow each other? let me know! :)


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