wearing: TOPSHOP top & cardigan | EBAY dungaree skirt | JUJU jelly shoes (from Asos) | DIY sunglasses | DIY (gifted) book clutch

Last weekend Melbourne was blessed with the most amazing weather since forever. So used it to the fullest by having a photo shoot.
I wanted to dress in pastel head to toe like the olden times prior to my monochromatic craze. Whimsical and feminine were definitely my genre. Although I used to love dungarees (the classic denim shorts), I personally wouldn't wear it since they either make me look like a hillbilly or a 5 year old. I prefer those long-legged or skirt ones, particularly made from leather/pleather. I saw this half-dungaree lilac skirt from Ebay and I instantaneously fell in love with it. It's flowy, it's pastel, it's girly, it's fun, everything that I want in a piece of clothing. I decided to pair it with a floral lace top and knitted cardigan from Topshop to give different pattern and textures. Continuing with my pastel mood, I had to choose these jelly shoes from Asos. They're very comfortable despite the heel, which gives the illusion of longer legs, and they're just super nostalgic and adorable.
Lastly, the cherry on top of this outfit would be this DIY floral sunglasses I did. How much more "spring/summer" can you get with the combination of pastel and flowers together? You can check out the DIY right HERE.
It's very easy to match pastel colours. You can either colour block them with fellow pastels or simply just wear light neutral colours (e.g. white, cream).

xoxo, ET



  1. Great outfit! I love the colours!
    - Charlotte

  2. the colors look so sweet :3
    in love with your braid and shoes ;D

    cheer, michelle

  3. Thanks for your comment on our blog! :)
    Now I got to discover yours, which is super lovely.
    Cute outfit, love the top!

    Hailey from


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