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wearing: TOPSHOP top | BARDOT skirt | ALIEXPRESS shoes | GIVENCHY bag | DOTTI blazer | necklace birthday gift

Although I have said this numerous times, spring is my favorite season. The weather is at perfect temperature where it is warm enough to go out with bare legs and cold enough to throw on a form of outerwear, and people are not obliged to wear dark colours. 
If you've been reading this blog, you obviously realize my "slight" obsession with the monochromatic trend (i.e. black and white). Lately I tend to literally only have one colour in my outfit, head to toe, as the name monochrome means. So far dressing in white head to toe is my favorite. I've tried blue and feeling like a smurf or green and feeling like grinch. White is pure, white is elegant, white is classic. Nothing can go wrong with white, unless you spill your meal.

Xoxo, ET


  1. 'Nothing can go wrong with white unless you spill your meal' hahaha this is sooo true! Love the necklace and your shoes!!

    xx Mandy

  2. Love your shoes! And your givenchy bag is amazing x


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