wearing: TOPSHOP top | TOPSHOP jeans | cape from Korea | PRADA bag 

The one thing I cannot stand wearing is a pair of jeans. It's so stiff hence my movement is limited hence it's uncomfortable. I always avoid wearing jeans even though it can give you the illusion of long and thinner legs, but sorry, I have to pass... until I discovered these "jeans" from Topshop. Don't worry they're not jeggings because as much as I like them, I know they're not real pants. These are real pants made out of soft material mimicking jeans. So they have the appearance of jeans, but the comfort of jeggings. 
I decided to mix it with this brown cape and lacey top that I also bought from Topshop (my favourite shopping destination). This mix somehow reminds me of a  modern/fashionable farmer or a country girl, weird huh?
xoxo, ET


  1. Ah people started to wear coat and im burning in cyprus! :) You look so sweet. Jeans look comfortable indeed :)

  2. Such a great outfit!
    Love the cape, I'm still searching for one (a)

  3. Your top is so pretty! And your Prada bag is so amazing, such a great colour x

  4. your top looks lovely :D

    cheer, michelle


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