wearing: H&M blazer | TOPSHOP dress | ALIEXPRESS sandals | PRADA sunglasses | GIVENCHY bag

One of the many reasons why I love Melbourne is because of her artistic culture that is obviously evident in the photos above. I understand that in some cases graffiti is considered as vandalism, i.e. tagging. However, when it is an alleyway full of splashes of colours forming intricate designs, how can one not fall in love with it? 
Speaking of "splashes of colours", I decided to add a splash of pink in my monochrome outfit. Since Melbourne weather is getting warmer, I can come back to the jacket sling where it involves outerwear being draped over your shoulders. It adds a sense of elegance and style. 
Tights are becoming less relevant and I now tend to replace them with cute socks. I am loving the sandals + socks look again. There's something quirky and fun about it

ps: so glad it's thursday, weekend come faster and stay longer!
xoxo, ET


  1. Whoa, this graffiti is amazing! Its crazy, eccentric art - I love it :)
    Cool print dress and nice blazer on top

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. Ah! I love that place, I was there the other day! I agree, it's near impossible not to fall in love with all the beautiful colours and designs! Your blazer is lovely, btw! Take care xxx

  3. Love the graffiti! It looks really artistic! Love your dress by the way ^^

    xx Mandy

  4. Omg, you guys a re so pretty! I love tout outfit esp yous shoes! looks so pretty :))
    Follow you on GFC, Darling :)


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