wearing: NASTYGAL dress | JEFFREY CAMPBELL lita | VINTAGE belt 

Apologies for being super MIA lately. Now that I only have the weekend in Melbourne due to current situation of placement in Ballarat, it's really hard to fit everything that I can usually do in 1 week into 2 VERY short days. I haven't even done a proper photoshoot for ages, hence these photos are from waaaaaay back (i.e. early jan). Remember those packages from Nasty Gal from this post? Yes, these photos are pretty old. Initially I thought it wasn't good enough to make a post out of it, but looking back, it's not so bad. My favourite photo is the first one since it reminds me of one of my blogger idols, Rumi Neely. #Rumi-wannabe #farfrombeingrumi #iloverumi
Spending my last full day in Sydney today. I've been looking forward to this short getaway for a long time and time has passed too quick. Can I just be on holidays for the rest of my life but able to get endless amounts of money from wherever-idontreallycare? 
I shall blog soon with sydney visuals! ciao.

xoxo, ET


  1. gorgeous! your hair looks gorg! :D
    I love every single items here ^^

    cheer, michelle

  2. You are stunning! I love your leopard print belt!

    Xo, Hannah


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