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wearing: EBAY dress | JEFFREY CAMPBELL shoes | MNOLOGIE clutch | YSL ring 

In order to welcome worldwide legality and adulthood, a bunch of friends and I went to have high tea at Cristina Re. As you can see from the photos above, the place is just stunning, gorgeous, beautiful, whatever you want to call it. No words can do justice. Everything in the room just came together and compliment each other: the wooden floor, the white chairs, the pastel coloured tea cups and food. I definitely felt like a princess as I stepped into the room, or maybe that was influenced by my maxi lace  dress. Most of the time, we were busy taking photos of everything. I was glad I took my dSLR so I didn't have to do much post-editing.  
Initially I wanted it to be pastel themed, but this dress arrived in the mail. I love the lace detailing on chest area. Since it's the same colour as the base dress, it's quite subtle and that's what I love about it. Any pieces that has a sense of surprise is always more special. 

I hope it's not too late, but I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who made my birthday celebration so special. To those who wished me a happy birthday, to those who came in the middle of the night to my house to wish me a happy birthday, to those who came to this high tea with me, to those from L30 who gave me cake and sweet gifts, to those high school best-friends who gave me a stunning stone necklace (as seen on the photo), to my bf who turned my slightly depressing-unifilled-birthday into a sweet night, and most importantly to my family for everything.

xoxo, ET


  1. wow, such a beautiful place! I wish to visit there soon! your dress is absolutely fabulous and classy. happy belated birthday to you! all the best :)


  2. Such a stunning dress! Looks like so much fun having high tea! Happy belated x


  3. Your dress is so beautiful! and the place looks so lovely to visit and Happy Belated Birthday!
    xx Ayesha


  4. Happy belated! That place looks gorgeous, as do you all. Great job with the pictures, I loved looking through them ^_^

  5. happy belated birthday! :D
    the place looks so cozy and classy and elegant! love your dress so much and your hair looks perfect here ^^

    cheer, michelle

  6. Your dress is just so stunning.. All of you look really pretty x Beautiful post! Absolutely breathtaking place .. Aaw I'm out of words. ^^
    Happy (belated) Birthday wishes! xx

    Indie by heart
    (GFC is shutting down - follow me on Bloglovin')

  7. Wow, you guys look all beautiful, especially you. I love the Asian beauty you guys have. :) And right no words can do justice to describe the place. The place is just LOVE.I want those personalized clear clutches too. Grrr :)

    xx Diana

  8. That dress *-* and I need one of those clutches...

    Cute to the Fashion

  9. You look absolutely incredible and those clutches are beautiful! This looks like a birthday celebration paradise - tea, cake and tasty savoury snacks; I LOVE IT! You're a very lucky girl and you've made me so jealous! Hope you had a wonderful time!

    Yinyin xx


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