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Recently I tried Oscar Cooper with le BF, located at Prahran, and tried their Japenese-fusion tuna salad... and it was diviiiine. I usually hate raw food except for thinly slice beef tataki, but this was amazing. Although I would still prefer it to be a little more cooked if I had the choice. 
 photo DSC_0068_zpsa3bd576f.jpg  photo DSC_0066_zps7078b50a.jpg

And most importantly this is what I wore!

 photo DSC_0075_zps213a7159.jpg  photo DSC_0076_zpsa19d494d.jpg  photo DSC_0073_zpsf51de8fa.jpg  photo DSC_0089_zpsad7cee58.jpg photo DSC_0082_zps01a96bcb.jpg  photo DSC_0091_zpsc3b75bcc.jpg  photo DSC_0086_zpsc240ec1b.jpg  photo DSC_0100_zps31c55a81.jpg  photo DSC_0102_zps78c47fbb.jpg
wearing: CHICWISH top | AMERICAN APPAREL riding pants | GENERAL PANTS boots (similar here and here and here) | MULBERRY bag

I have never been a fan of jeans. Although it gives you the illusion of having long skinny legs and it practically goes with ANY top (even the most obscure/ugly tops), it's just so uncomfortable. I can't move my legs freely, I have to be conscious at all times of keeping my low-cut jeans up so my butt-crack doesn't show up, basically jeans are annoying to wear... and sorry to sound really whiny.
Well luckily, I found an alternative: American Apparel's disco pants (which I wore in this post) and riding pants are basically my substitute for jeans. The only down-side for this is that you need to wear seamless underwear when wearing riding pants. And they are BOTH pants! not jeggings or leggings or tights. They are both pants. So I'm not breaking the number 1 fashion rule of "leggings are not pants".
I decided to pair it with this lacey top that is now all over the internet. I just love the combination of olive and cream since it has an earthy feel. Lately for my shoes, I keep going back to these black ankle boots I bought when I was in Sydney over the Easter break. It's pretty much a wardrobe staple, every girl needs a pair of black ankle boots for the fall and winter.

xoxo, ET


  1. wonderful look. i love your pants, the colour is just perfect.
    maren anita

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  2. so cool! loving your boots like so much :D

    cheer, michelle

  3. Looks yummy
    I love your top x


  4. I love ur shirt. <3 Can u follow back me ?
    Thank u...



  5. i really love the color of the pants and the top! you look awesome, and i just followed you :) great blog, hope you check mine :)

  6. I love the entire outfit! and that lacey top is gorgeous! ^^

    Fashionably Sparkly

  7. The food looks yummy! And you look chic in this outfit x


  8. love your lacey top!

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    thanks ♥

  9. Wonderful post...I really like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa


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