Photodiary XIII: Tasmania


This post is quite overdue. I've been MIA from the blogging world due to uni work, and still is quite busy but I'm just procastinating for a bit. During the Easter break, in April, I went to Tasmania for the first half and continued my vacation to Sydney. Tasmania was basically road-trip, BFF-ing with mother nature and being more active than usual with all the hikes.Sydney on the other hand, was full of devouring delicious goods and maxing out my credit card. So here are the photos I took while in Tasmania, but excuse the slightly poor quality because I used my Canon G12 since SLR was just too heavy.  photo IMG_0200_zps94f1ea8d.jpg  photo IMG_0063_zpsadc481bf.jpg  photo IMG_0068_zps84c229d1.jpg  photo IMG_0116_zpsffc29446.jpg  photo IMG_0117_zps02e5309e.jpg  photo IMG_0130_zps5d542743.jpg  photo IMG_0135_zps80240960.jpg  photo IMG_0192_zps491e3af2.jpg  photo IMG_0132_zps4c1dd9bd.jpg  photo IMG_0145_zps0c584695.jpg  photo IMG_0216_zps9d575bd7.jpg  photo IMG_0202_zps75c0d143.jpg  photo IMG_0069_zps1ac54dfe.jpg  photo IMG_0287_zps9315d26d.jpg  photo IMG_0285_zps0b7258e6.jpg  photo IMG_0267_zps3d29fb58.jpg  photo IMG_0235_zps0a9d0dfa.jpg
Sydney photodiary should be up soon! *pinky promise*

xoxo, ET


  1. looks like you had tons of fun! x3
    love the scenery :D

    cheer, michelle


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