I am back! Easter break for Melbourne students was last week and I used it to the fullest. I went on a trip to Tasmania for the first half then continued this local Australian journey to Sydney. Tasmania was basically lots of sceneries, road-tripping, and getting fit and thin with numerous hikes and average food. Sydney on the other hand, was mainly food and activities which involve sky-rocketing credit card bills. There was not even one second in Sydney where I felt hungry (except in the morning when I just woke up). Food just kept coming and they are all so amazing! Tasmania and Sydney photo diary will be up soon.
   photo blogg1_zps543d8e62.jpg photo blogg3_zpsaa5b9789.jpg  photo DSC_0065_zps61db9511.jpg  photo DSC_0080_zps06d3b0a4.jpg  photo blogg2_zps4d96ec9c.jpg  photo blogg4_zps538757db.jpg  photo DSC_0097_zps620a6197.jpg  photo DSC_0101_zpsb2f901df.jpg  photo DSC_0076_zps6c34dbdb.jpg  photo DSC_0090_zpsf93bf855.jpg
wearing:  TOPSHOP top and skirt (same design but in another pattern here) | BF's cardigan | MCM (vintage) bag 

Monochromatic looks have been on runways and internet for quite some time now.Black and white are probably two of the most strongest and contrasting colours on the spectrum so there's no need for an excessive design of the pieces you combine. Simple is the way to go.  I have been experimenting with this trend and this is probably one of the best looks i came up with. Some people said this looks very preppy and Blair Waldorf-esque, which I find as a compliment. 

I purchased this skirt from Topshop recently, and picked it up from the monochrome section. Initially it looks just like a simple bodycon skirt with two zips at the front. Then I tried it on and found out that the back is slightly longer which made it an impulse buy. I love getting surprises with details.

When I was in high school/first year, I had a vintage phase where I would take any vintage wearable items from ANYONE'S wardrobe. This included my mum's, grandmother's, aunties' and even my dad's friends'. Dad told his friends about this obsession of mine, and voila... one day he came back home this MCM bag. I didn't really know when to wear it at first because it's so small, but lately I've been inspired at work seeing customers purchasing and wearing heaps of mini bags. Small is the new big.

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xoxo, ET


  1. cute outfit! love the shoes
    xx Ayesha

  2. You're so cute and the outfit was very classy! I LOVE THE PURSE. *3*

  3. Love this preppy look so much! Such a pretty outfit xx

  4. so pretty!! love the bag and the skirt looks good on you :D

    cheer, michelle

  5. cute. as cute as the school girl <3

  6. cute outfit :)

  7. Oh your outfit is so cute!
    Adore it!


  8. Um everything about this outfit is perfect! I love love love your socks, so cute :)


  9. These photographs are so lovely! You look stunning, and I am absolutely in love with your bag.

    xo, Meera |

  10. this look is darling! the skirt is so cute, i love topshop!! xx- Mint Clothing Company


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