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wearing: EBAY turtle-neck top | AMERICAN APPAREL disco pants | LIPSTICK creepers | TOPSHOP backpack | beanie from Korea

Not sure why, but nowadays I'm starting to like most of the things i used to hate. For example, I hated any shades of yellow, especially neon. There's no specific reason, it was just a colour I would avoid. Now, I'm the complete opposite to my teen-self. I love yellow... including neon. Similarly, I hated turtle-necks. But since I've been watching too much "Clothes Encounters" on Youtube, I'm starting to share similar tastes to Jenn Im. I am a huge huge huge fan of her, her sense of style is quirky and amazing, she's so bubbly and gorgeous. Basically perfect in my eyes and she's my inspiration for my current daily-life fashion. I've seen Jenn Im with a lot of turtle-necks so I thought might as well try it. The only reason why I didn't like it was because my neck is pretty short and I would look quite big with it. But then again, it's the same as wearing a scarf, but turtle-necks are more practical since it won't come off and therefore you will never lose it. So i brought it to Tasmania, tried it for a day... and fell in love with it. I'm definitely planning to buy more. 
Similar to the turtle-necks, the reason why I have these disco pants from Americal Apparel is because they're always on the spotlight on Clothes Encounters. And Jen's right... whenever I wear this I feel like I'm cat-woman. It's very tight and slimming. Yes, I am completely obsessed with her.
When I went to Korea (approximately 1.5 years ago), i showed these racoon beanies to my dad and he fell in love with it straight away. So it wasn't actually me who wanted to purchase the beanie, my dad insisted, which i find really cute. He always say that these cutesy items are for me, but he wants them more than I do, and mum is always the one who says "no" to these things because it'll be a waste (which most of the time is true). But I'm proving her wrong, the beanie is super comfy and adorable. I would definitely wear it out in winter.

Mum and Dad, if you're reading this, just wanted to say I miss you guys heaps! Cannot wait for to see you both in June <3 <3
And lastly, happy 1 year anniversary Calvin! <3 

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xoxo, ET


  1. the beach looks nice ;) love the beanie super cute! :D

    cheer, michelle

  2. love this outfit! very cute!
    xx Ayesha

  3. Love the outfit so much!
    Youre so pretty bby xox


  4. Your beanie is so cute, and I love the disco pants!

  5. you are adorable with your beanie! haha and I love those pants too!

  6. how adorable are you!?!! love this entire look, dear!

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  7. You are adorable ! xxx

  8. awww, love love your beanie >< super cute

    do you want to follow each other? :)
    let me know
    Pinky Promise

  9. I love your outfit !! xx And you're so adorbs <3

  10. very lovely beanie!!<3 the beach looks so beautiful, and i love your outfit!!<3


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