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(Eliza) wearing: SPORTSGIRL top | ASOS skirt | TOPSHOP shoes | FRENCHTOASTbyET arm candy (here , here , here) | | JIMMY CHOO handbag
(Elena) wearing: JIGSAW top | ZARA shorts 

I was off to a good start in January with 6 outfit posts published, but this is unfortunately my first one in February. I apologize for the delay. I have been away from the blogging world and slacking off to watch the entire season 3 of Glee and now up to the latest episode. I know... not good enough excuse, but I can't help taking my eyes off the Glee hotties like Mike Chang, Sam Evans and Brody Weston who I just found out is Dean Geyer from Australian Idol. I was completely overwhelmed with shock when I found out because now Dean Geyer is 10 times hotter than he used to with his manly haircut and drool-worthy abs. Is this a good enough excuse for my absence? I think so.
Melbournians have been so spoilt lately with beautiful weather, yet sometimes way too hot when entering a car that has been left in the sun for more than 4 hours. The number of times that I burnt my buttocks when I sat on the car seats... countless. Anyway, I had lunch with le mummy, le sis and le nephew at Miss Chu, South Yarra. They make heavenly-delicious vietnamese-fusion-style food. My favorite would probably be the vermicelli beef salad. It's so refreshing, the right texture with mixture of crunch and soft bits, definitely worth going back there! My descriptions won't do enough justice, scroll up and have a look at the photos i took of the food. They look amazing against the white tiles I must say.
So this is what I wore today. Just some playful silhouette with the skater skirt and girly lace top. Since they're quite monochromatic with just black and white, I played with some colour for my arm candies (which is handmade by moi). Thanks to my gorgeous, talented and stylish sister for the photos!

xoxo, ET


  1. Super cute outfit, love your shoes!

  2. cute and both of you looks like twins! :)

    xoxo, michelle

  3. Your shoes are adorable! I really love the lace shirt too.
    I don't watch much Glee but my god Brody is hot XD

  4. really love your skirt ❤ it's pretty become a classy trend lately ya :P
    just found your blog and following!
    hope you follow back mine and keep in touch :D
    happy CNY !

  5. Love your skirt so sweet! Very comfortable and wearable outfit its really awesome!
    I would be so happy if you check my blog too

    Kisses Asli

  6. such a cute lace top <3 you look so lovely x


  7. Happens to me with Pretty Little Liars a the moment!Can`t stop watching it!
    Love your skirt by the way and thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.


    Oh,and would you please give me some of the Australian heat?Here it`s freezing cold!

  8. LOVING both pairs of your shoes! And the food porn<333333


  9. both of u look adorable..love Eliza's bag so much

  10. Hi dear!nice blog!
    would you like to follow each other?



  11. i love your lace top, it's elegant yet cute <3 ! :) xxx


  12. cute outfit!! love your shoes and bag so much :)

  13. love your cute outfits! thanks for visiting my blog! would you like to follow each other? let me know=]


  14. you are so cute, Lovely skirt and fall in love with your bag <333

    Please give me vote with click Heart Button..
    Your voice means a lot for me :)
    "The Sunny Day Is Taking Over"

  15. Yes, Melbourne's weather has been really nice- definitely perfect weather for skirts and sleeveless tops!

    OMG DEAN GEYER IS SO GOOD LOOKING ON GLEE! I was shocked when I found out that was him too! :p

  16. such a cute outfit! i love your brogues and socks xx

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  19. Love your shoes and socks and that cute little drink!

  20. Love this outfit dear, especially your skirt !!! Great style and love that bag too :)

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  21. Great post, I love it! ^^ You have a nice blog, mind to follow each other? :)



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