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As I've mentioned before in the previous post, the semester is ending soon which means it's time for me to nerd it up once more. It's the start if SWOTVAC for Monash, so after posting this i'm going to try cram everything that was taught this semester. On the other hand, I really can't wait for the summer! (although it's going to be a short one because I have to organise internship/only have a month-ish instead of 2).
I've been eye-ing a stripey skater skirt from ASOS since last month, but they didn't have my size. One day, I was strolling through Bridge Road and there's this random/cheap/asian shop. Initially my plan was to just look through without buying anything, but... I saw this skirt, so I HAD to purchase it. Especially the fact that it was on the sale rack. I really can't resist bargains. There's things that you should splurge on once in a while, like handbags, shoes, coats, etc. But other stuff aren't really necessary. I prefer to buy 5x $30 skirts instead of 1x $150 skirt. Unless it's a ridiculously good looking skirt that I can wear practically everyday of every season.
I'm pretty sure I've talked about this before, but i'll just repeat it to emphasize how much i LOVE skater skirts! I love the silhouette, it's so fun, flirty and feminine. I paired it with this pink shirt i bought from Korea and I thought the navy stripes went really well with the navy sleeves, collars (although it looks black in these photos) and coat. This coat was my mum's and I've only just re-discovered it in my closet 2 weeks ago. I usually just take anything vintage from mum's wardrobe and think about what to pair it with later. So I never really had the chance to realize how pretty it looks! It's slightly baggy, but i guess that's what I love about it. It's casual and keeps me warm. I feel like the whole look is slightly inspired by the nautical theme. Also, how cute is the heart pin on the collar? I'm pretty sure I stole it from my sister ages ago (LOL, i'm sorry sis but i don't want to give it back).

xoxo, ET


  1. lovely outfit!
    i like the jacket
    and your home environment looks so nice!

    i have just followed you
    do follow back if you like ;)

    style frontier

  2. Lovely outfit! Navy and blush make such a pretty combination ! xx

  3. Very nice outfit! The skirt is really good! : )

  4. Your skirt is adorable!

    Carmen Ri.

  5. Love the blouse and the flairing fun of that skirt

    Pixel Hazard | Bright Green Laces |

  6. It´s perfect the way you choose to express yourself here.

  7. droolin over that pale pink color! cute :D

  8. i love your blog the photos are just so pretty! mind to follow each other? i'm following you right now :)


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