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On Friday the 14th of September, I was lucky enough to be invited to a fashion blogger cocktail party hosted by Nuffnang and Veet at Miss Fox. The purpose of this event is to celebrate the launch of a new product by Veet that is the "EasyWax Electrical Roll On". During this event we were spoilt by the different pampering options including nails, hair and make up (I chose nails) as well as delicious and beautiful-looking cocktails and canapes.
This was my very first blogger event, so initially I was quite anxious as I did not know what to expect. But in the end i had a blast. One of the greatest things was that i got to meet other Australian bloggers especially those ones I have been following for years now. They are Chloe Ting, Annie
and Willabelle.
The blogger party was an amazing event. It was such an amazing experience. So thank you so much to Nuffnang, Veet and Miss Fox for making this happen! And thank you to Emily Hooper who accompanied me to the event and made the whole experience even better! love you :)
xoxo, ET


  1. this is mad! wish i was committed enough to blog and be a part of this community..

    ps. I think emily hooper is in my current english class! we don't talk or anything I just noticed today actually, that she has quite a sense of style. and then i came across this blogpost..weird!


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