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wearing: FOREVER 21 dress | FRENCHTOASTbyET necklace | DIVA ring | YSL ring | TILKAH bag

This is what i wore to a Sunday lunch with the family last week. The weather was sunny but unlike today, it was still quite chilly, so that's why i added this black leather jacket to give the outfit a bit of an edgy contrast. I purchased this dress from F21 when i was over in South Korea last Christmas/New year. I haven't got the chance to properly take this baby out until last week. I only just tried it on in my room and admired how pretty the lace and glittery (quite subtle so it's not visible through photos) material is. And surprise surprise... i chose to add gold jewelries. I always think gold look so much better than silver in MOST cases because it gives a pop of colour and they make an outfit look alive.
We're halfway through the week already! This is my last week of placement for this semester, seems like it was (seriously) just yesterday that i started, but it's been nearly 5 weeks already now. Time flies so incredibly fast.
Anyway, i have another outfit post ready and i'll be wearing pastel head-to-toe. I am COMPLETELY obsessed with pastels. And recently i just discovered some outfit photos i took during fall, and i haven't posted them! Coming soon!

xoxo, ET


  1. LOVELY BLOG! love your outfit dear :) mind to follow back???? xx

  2. love your jacket!

  3. Hey hun, i love your style. Pretty Girl Rock!
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  4. oh sweet rabbit and nice outfit :)

  5. thx for the comment dear :)
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  6. Great post! I love it! ^^ You have a nice blog, mind to follow each other? :)


  7. That's a cool combine, and your rabbit is very cute :3
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    I love your fashion sense xo

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  8. I like the color of your dress and how you pair it with the leather jacket! Great style! :D

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  9. I want your jacket, dress and this ring! great blog and pics! followed! hope you will do the same!

  10. hey there! i've nominated you for the liebster award! :)


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