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wearing: top ZARA | necklace and arm-candies FRENCHTOASTbyET | heels CHARLES AND KEITH | socks TOPSHOP
PhotobucketI am so glad that winter is over (even though the chills are still present) which means spring is here! When everyone else in the northern hemisphere has already strutted the streets with the hottest trends of pastels, bold gorgeous prints, frills, neon, chiffon/flowy materials, anything girly... we, in the southern hemispheres, are just about to begin showcasing these gems.
Spring is probably my favourite season because... it's warm; sunshine with flowers blooming everywhere and the perfect touch of cold. So you can wear your flirty girly skirt without stockings and being too cold; and layer up with thinner materials (cardigan and sheer outerwear). Not to forget, we can also start having teddy bear picnics!
It's no doubt that pastel has taken control the 2012 spring and summer trends. Pastel has made appearances all over the fashion world ranging from catwalks like Louis Vuitton and Givenchy, to our everyday stores like Topshop and H&M. And as much as i LOVE lilac and baby pink, i am currently obsessed with the colour mint! Its versatility has caught people's attention (and mine definitely) by having the ability to look girly and sweet if mixed with other pastel colours and edgy-earthy vibe if paired with brown, and this is what i tried here. Although the outfit is quite plain, i didn't think that it needed some sort of print. I mainly focused in the accessories: necklace, arm-candies, statement rings and frilly mint socks..

PS: these arm-candies are available for sale here!
PPS: this is my room <3

Welcome spring!
xoxo, ET


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    1. thank you!the bracelets are handmade actually :)
      and they're available for sale at my etsy store!

      thanx for the comment gabriella! xo

  2. super cute outfit! <3

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    1. thank you rosalinda! i am obsessed with this skater skirt :)
      and i made these armswag! ehehehhe, they're for sale at my etsy store -
      thankx for the lovely comment hun!

  4. I love this outfit! Love the styling and especially the socks with your shoes! :D

    The background of the pictures is really cute too! :D

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    See you there! :D
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    xoxo backtofive

  5. Really love your outfit! And everything in your room is so pretty!!

  6. hey cutie :) you look cute on that outfit. bytheway, do you live in Australia? because I think you do :)

    1. yes i do! which city do u live in? i live in melbourne! :D

  7. Hi, I really love the way you decorate your room :) I'm looking for inspiration to decorate a bedroom and yours is seemed lovely. I love your bracelet too!

    P.S: I am your new follower and I hope we can be friends very soon! I would like to invite you to visit and hopefully follow my blog, its about little pieces of college life.


  8. cute look:)
    thank you so much for your comment:)



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