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wearing: SAMPLE top | H&M skirt | BRAUN BUFFEL bag
Hey all! I've been spending nearly 6 hours now at Changi airport. But thanks to their many shops and amazing facilities, i wasn't bored at all. I bought 2 packets of my favorite peanut butter M&M's, munching away while reading 3 Elle magazines that i bought (2 fashion, 1 beauty).
I'm on my way back home to Melbourne! Semester 2 has started on wednesday, but i took the risk to miss most of my first week. If I'm not too tired, i'll go to uni straight away after my arrival, but we shall see.
I did this shoot prior to my trip to Singapore and Indonesia, going all neutral with the pieces. I bought this top from a super random-mini-warehouse that sells different kinds of women's wear that have their prices sliced up to 50% off. They sell heaps of different brands, ranging from Topshop to some Australian designers like Zimmerman. How pretty is the back of this top? I love having a slight bare back and this top has the perfect amount. It's enough to make a person turn their heads around but not too much to make them go "EW".
I paired it with a simple pleather pencil skirt i got from H&M in Korea. Remember how i said "opposites attract"? My white top is already loose so i needed a fitted bottom so that i don't lose my body-shape. I'm seeing quite a lot of leather within jackets or other pieces like skirts, pants and tunics like the ones in Prada and Miu Miu. But obviously, as a budget shopper, rather than only drooling over those amazing pieces, why not purchase a leather item from a normal retail chain-store like H&M?
Last but not least, this Braun Buffel bag was initially my dad's (he got it as a gift). He thought it was too girly so i took it. It's kind of like a small briefcase but i never really use it for books because i bring a lot of things to uni, and this bag is definitely too small. So it just becomes another fashion bag i take out during the weekend.
Hope the Melbourne chills aren't too harsh on me. See you very soon Melbourne!
xoxo, ET


  1. I'm loving the skirt! H&M honestly has the best clothes.. but of course, we don't have it in Australia...

    1. I cannot agree more! But good news thi, i heard that h&m is coning to aus land! #superexcited

  2. love the skirt xx


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