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wearing: GG5 top, TAILORED skirt, CHARLES AND KEITH bag, FOREVER 21 platforms, UNIQLO socks, FRENCHTOASTbyET jewelries and heandband
 At the start of the holiday I bought this "Style Yourself" book when i went to Bandung to visit my sister. It's a compilation of well-known bloggers from around the world, sharing their style, opinions about fashion and inspiration. Surprisingly, this book is really educational since it tells you the different styles of each item (e.g. skirt, coat, jacket) with their proper names. So for people like me who loves fashion blogs, BUY 1 NOW! it's definitely worth it.
I was inspired by the view at the back of my house. The dusty pink of the decking against the clear blue sky that we rarely get in Jakarta became an inspiration for my colour palette. As i've always told you guys, mum and I love spending our times at fabric stores, browsing and thinking of what we should get tailored. I fell in love at first sight with this baby blue cut-out fabric and knew i had to make a skirt out of it. The texture and appearance of the fabric as gravity pulls it down completely took my heart, and luckily it turned out great as i expected.
And i have to also mention, i really love the colours of these photos! taking these outside with the sun shining brightly and me fighting against Jakarta's high humidity was definitely worth it :)
xoxo, ET


  1. love the pastel colours!

  2. Hey Hon, I looove your shoes paired with those polka socks!! You look lovely!!

    Hug and kiss kiss,

  3. You look so feminine and cute! The socks and headband are adorable.

    Carmen Ri.

  4. You look lovely! Do you like that book? I've been thinking about buying it :)


  5. You look so cute! I love all the girly touches in this outfit, like the frills, pearls, and ruffles. The skirt is really pretty - the texture makes it look so unique :)


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