Photo diary V - Busan


After Jeju Island, My family and I head over to a city called Busan, famous for their Haeundae beach, by KTX train. Apparently in the summer the beach is always REALLY packed. Obviously now it's winter, so it wasn't as popular. I LOVE macaroons, and it's pretty hard to find good ones in asian countries.I tried some in Indonesia and none of them were even close to what a real macaroon tastes like. Paris Croissant (a bakery) sells macaroons and i have to admit they're pretty good. Best macaroons I've tried over this summer break.
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I was really addicted to this chewy candy. Once you have one, you CAN NOT STOP EATTING THEM! But i had to stop because my cough (which has been going on for months) was getting worse coz of this.
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Since the weather is so cold, sometimes just unbearable... My fam and I like to stop by at a cafe and drink coffee to warm up. We found this really cute cafe called Bella Luna. Their brownies are so so so good. The tiramisu was a bit sweet for me. but their coffee was perfect. My favorite is Americano coz i'm not a big fan of milk, what yours?

These were some of the stuff i bought after a week-ish. I had to resist from shopping before i was at Seoul so that my luggage wasn't too heavy to be carried around. Dragging a huge luggage around subway station wasn't easy at all, especially i realised that Korean subway stations don't have a lot of escalators. So i had to drag and lift my luggage up and down the stairs. Maybe that's why i didn't gain any kilos even though i ate like a monster everyday.
If you ever go to Korea, BUY KOREAN BRAND COSMETICS coz they're super duper cheap. I went crazy at The Face Shop and Etude House, especially for their nail polish. I also went crazy for stockings that i ended up with 15 pairs in total. and also 6 pairs of shoes... and many more things. Shopping was definitely the BEST :D

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my favorite childhood snack that i found at Lotte Mart - Japanese "baby star" noodle snack
Here are my lovely parents. My dad LOVES taking photos even if his hands are frozen.It was great to spend more than 2 weeks with them 24/7. It's quite rare to get this kind of relaxation time with dad since he's usually busy with work. 
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that's the end of our Busan adventure. So next post will be all about Seoul :)

xoxo, ET


  1. greatt photooos!
    such a beautifulllll pleaceeeeee

  2. amazing photos!!!!!!!!! looks like you had so much fun!!!! >.<
    lovely outfit as always<3

    much love,

  3. haha the baby star noodle snack looks so yummy. glad you guys had a good time, love the pictures :) <3

  4. Wow, such amazing pictures! Thanks for sharing! The food looks soooo delicious <3


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