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Annyong haseyo! Greetings from korea! Its been nearly 2weeks (13days) since i landed my feet in korealand and it has been an incredible experience. My time in korea is up and its time for me to go back to my motherland. I'll definitely dedicate special posts to share my photos once i get back. My iphone pics aren't really blog worthy. I've been shopping heaps! No joke. luckily my mum packed an empty luggage so i dont haven to worry if all my purchases will fit or not. Shopping here is so much cheaper compared to other countries i've been. So no wonder i went crazy. Anyway i'll tell u more about it in the following posts and for the time being i've been wanting to share my instagrams. now that i can use this blogger app on my iphone, blogging is readily accessible! (although free wifi is quite rare)

I was talking to a guy 1 day, a pro photographer. I said to him that i love taking photos but i'm not a pro. He asked, what kind of things do u like to take pictures of? Feeling kind of embarassed i said "food", and after more time to think about i continued with "everyday objects". So from then on, i realised that my photos are based on one's lifestyle and that's how i got: "bread and butter - a fashion and lifestyle blog".
My instagrams contain snapshots of objects that you see normally. They're things that you can see everyday but doesn't really get noticed until you pick up some sort of camera. Surprisingly, such simple objects can be photogenically captured. This is what i like to see, this is what i like to photograph.

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