Romantic Red


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I was totally being so organised, scheduled my posts and everything... and for this particular post they were all GONE! D: so i had to re-write everything and this is all i got. damn u blogger :(

wearing: top from bali, TOPSHOP skirt,FRENCHTOASTbyET jewelries, CHARLES AND KEITH heels, ROMWE clutch
A single colour can mean a lot of different things. Take red for an example, it can represent conflicting and very opposite emotions such as anger, violence and love. For this particular outfit, i chose the romantic side of red and was inspired by this very skirt. Its silky and flowy material, gold zip at the back and embroidery embellishments just scream out feminine. So that why i paired it with this white butterfly/lacey top that my mum got from Bali. I know you can't really see the texture and pattern here, but believe me, its shaped like a butterfly. 
I first saw this skirt at Senayan City's Topshop, but they only had size 6 and 12 left, and there's no way i was gonna fit in both of them. Feeling a bit heartbroken, i quickly walked away from the shop trying to forget it. Maybe i was fated to buy this because a couple of days later i found it at another shop, with a complete series of sizes and they're half price! 

This is my fish-eye camera but i haven't really been using it properly. the flash doesn't work now, but it still takes cool pics under great lighting. I changed my header yesterday, i actually drew the girl on the left and this camera was my inspiration.
xoxo, ET


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  3. Love the ringsssss!
    Fit perfectly with your stunning outfit xx

  4. Loveeeeee your outfit dear! You have a great blog ^^ Mind to follow each other? :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  5. Heyy :) great outfit! and I love the way your hair is cut with the fringe one the side. absolutely lovely girl! ;)
    follow each other? your blog is so cute >.<
    <3 Keki

  6. love all your accessories. and you shoes!!
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  7. Very cool rings!! :D Thanks for stopping by! :) xoxo

  8. Love your skirt and hair! Lol
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  10. all the pops of red is fantastic <3

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  13. i love your new header! >.<
    and totally in love with this great combo! esp the shoes! <3

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  15. I love everything about this outfit. All of the lace details are gorgeous and your jewelry is fabulous!

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  16. awww, so lovely :) i love your skirt, and that bold red shoes just TOO SEXY! love love it!! :)

  17. Cute top..could you tell me what brand of your fish-eye camera? its too bright, i cant see the brand..thanks before..
    lovely pic!


  18. amazing accessories, love it!

  19. i love your shoes and how they match your skirt! (:

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