Finally Baking


I've been considering making a blog since... at the start of the year :O
Yeah, I procastinate A LOT, surprise surprise

According to the Web Dictionary, Bread and Butter refers to one's central or fundemental, as to one's business, survival, or income; a staple or cornerstone.
Straight away i thought of the things I L.O.V.E and the things that help me survive (besides friends and family)
I L.O.V.E fashion
I L.O.V.E baking
I L.O.V.E food
I L.O.V.E photography
I L.O.V.E anything artsy
I L.O.V.E to create
I L.O.V.E being creative
I L.O.V.E reading blogs
So I thought, why not combine all these?
I don't know how this blog will turn out. Whether I ceebs continuing with it in the future
but i'll try my BEST :)
so help me out if you're willing to

Lastly... just to make you drool ;P


  1. thankyou for visiting my blog :)) hope you have tonnes of fun on your baking adventures, it's so lovely to see cake mix turn into a baked cake! my sister and i made some cupcakes this morning :)

  2. I just made brownies tooday! ahah your blog is so fabulous! i really wish I could get mine more spiffy looking. I just always having trouble with my fashion photos which I know is a realy key aspect of a good blog.
    btw love the fact that your from Australia! if you ever want to do a clothing or makeup swap from the states,I would love to.


thanx for reading/visitting my blog
any comments? :)

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