A Table of Dessert


I made a dessert table earlier this month for Maddie's 1st Birthday party! The theme was Teddy Bear's Picnic, hence the picnic basket full of teddies. Nothing much to say, just enjoy the pics! And happy national dessert day for yesterday!

xoxo, ET

Splash of the Pastels


wearing: top from ebay | TOPSHOP skirt | ZARA blazer | SWISH perfume clutch | TIFFANY & CO key necklace and EMCLECTIC COLLECTION all the riches necklace | FOREVER 21 heels | RUBI sunglasses

To me, spring basically equals to pastels in terms of fashion. When you are surrounded by both blooming and fully bloomed flowers, it is inevitable to be inspired by the surrounding environment and consequently you feel like adding spring elements to your outfit. 

Besides the usual and classic floral prints in spirng, I am also loving abstract prints such as this watercolour inspired top and speckled necklace from Emclectic Collection. Because it is abstract, it does not have a concrete or defined shape thus it allows my mind to wonder, dream and explore. I love the whimsical element and versatility from both pieces. The necklace is at a perfect length for layering for a casual look, or simply wear it by itself for a more sophisticated feel. 
With the initial desire to continue with her Visual Arts portfolio, Emily Vuong has also created a collection of wearable artworks. Emclectic Collection is a Melbourne-based handmade jewellery line that utilises polymer clay to create gorgeous geometric necklaces. Each pieces are handmade with care, ensuring high level of quality. 

xoxo, ET

Once in a Blue Moon


wearing: H&M top | TOPSHOP jeans | THE EDITOR'S MARKET backpack | RUBI sunglasses and flatforms

Once in a blue moon, I'd like to not think and put too much thought into what I am wearing. The most important thing is as long as you feel comfortable with what's on you right? This is exactly what it felt like when I chose to wear this outfit. Although the sun was shining and St Kilda Beach was completely packed with people in shorts, maxi dresses, sunnies... basically a total summer vibe (but still breezy), I really couldn't be bothered to dress up. So I chose one of the most comfortable items to wear which included the loose-fitted-boyfriend jeans from Topshop and a plain light sweater from H&M that created this monochromatic outfit.

xoxo, ET

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