Bright On


wearing: FEMMEX top | EBAY shorts | RUBI sandals and sunglasses

Last Sunday I decided to have a picnic at Brighton beach. No matter how old I get, I somehow find my way to be childish whenever I am at the beach. If there's waves I will get on a body board (the dorky version of a surf board); if there's none then I channel my energy to build a sandcastle or find someone to bury under the sand and turn them into a mermaid. So I thought this top filled with smiley faces is the perfect way of expressing these feelings.
And instead of the usual picnic with sandwiches, pies, salads... I like my picnic to be asian. So that Sunday was filled with delicious Japanese related food: fresh nigiri sushi, nostalgic snacks (Pocky) and the only alcohol I truly enjoy drinking, Plum wine. Oh and of course touristy photos with peace signs. 



wearing: NASTY GAL top | skirt from EBAY | STACCATO booties | H&M hat and jewellery | GIVENCHY bag 

"Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing."

Things surrounding us, things that are readily available are easily forgotten and easily taken granted of. I have spent half of my life in Australia and have only been to a few cities outside Melbourne, since most of my holidays are spent overseas or back home. I swear it's not only me, I have met a few others who share the same experience and it is simply because Australia is easily accessible for us. Last weekend I decided to change my habit and did a bit of exploring with mum and Calvin.
 I have always wanted to visit the infamous Wisteria tunnel in Japan. However for the moment, I can only dream due to annual leave shortages, so instead I found one closer to my current location! We went to Yarra Glen for lunch at Hargreaves Hill then visited this gorgeous garden with Victoria's very own overwhelmingly beautiful wisteria tunnel. Instead of trying to describe its beauty in words, I'll let you guys enjoy it through the rest of this post!

A Table of Dessert


I made a dessert table earlier this month for Maddie's 1st Birthday party! The theme was Teddy Bear's Picnic, hence the picnic basket full of teddies. Nothing much to say, just enjoy the pics! And happy national dessert day for yesterday!

xoxo, ET

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