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Fashion nowadays is all about recreating old fashion trends into something modern and innovative. Flashback to the 17th century, dungarees are commonly seen on miners, labourers and factory workers. Fast forward to the 1930s, every kid in the neighbourhood had one as their ideal gear for play-time. And fast forward a bit more to the 1950s, dungarees had begun to assimilate themselves into the grain of the fashion world. For you 90s kids, let's all admit that we had these back in the day. This childhood staple has resurrected in a variety of styles and luckily, has graduated to become a chic and playful look that says retro and modern at the same time. 

Although at first dungarees, or overalls as some may refer it to, may seemingly be challenging to style, it can actually be a quick and easy outfit as they can be paired with literally any top from the wardrobe. Obviously the trick is to style them without looking like an overgrown toddlers. 

wearing: H&M shirt, dungaree and hat | SENSO flats | MIU MIU sunglasses | TIFFANY & CO necklace | DAY & NIGHT necklace (Opalite and Amethyst) | CHANEL bag

My number one rule is to avoid the oversized or "one-size-fits-all" dungarees. Some lucky girls can pull it off, but for a more petite shape like mine, those baggy dungarees will most-likely make you look like a toddler and perhaps masculine as well. So instead, I choose a darker shade and a more streamlined fit, like the H&M one I'm wearing.
For a chic look, switch the basic white tee for a tailored patterned shirt that adds glamour to the outfit. Accessorising is the key to make any outfit looks stylish. I added a wide-brimmed hat for drama and some jewelries for extra bling.

wearing: H&M dungaree | THE EDITOR'S MARKET top | QUAY sunglasses | STACCATO heels | CHANEL bag 

Using the same fitted dungaree, I swapped the tailored shirt for a lace over-the-shoulder crop top for a more feminine and summery look. And not forgetting to smarten up and elongate the legs with a pair of black pointy heels.

xoxo, ET



After all these years of only seeing New York City through screens and prints; living vicariously through numerous fictional characters such as Blair Waldorf and Carrie Bradshaw; I can finally say that this "concrete jungle" is truly where dreams are made of. "The Big City"; "The Big Apple"; "The city that never sleeps"; you would think it would be hard to live up to all these nicknames right? But New York City made it appear effortless to fulfil people's expectations. 

As expected, spending 7 days in NYC is far from sufficient. There's too many things to do, to see and to eat (of course). Nearly every step I took and turn I made is a picturesque gem. By the end of this whole USA/Canada trip, that is a total of nearly three weeks, I have gathered more than 1200 photos. Here are some of my favourite shots, for now, and I'll be posting some more soon! With more details of each places.

Choeis-ing Killington


First of all, apologies for the lack of blog updates for the one thousand'th time. I have been spending quality time with my fambam up in the Northern Hemisphere, started with New York and drove around to Boston, Killington, Montreal and soon to Niagara and ended the three week trip back in New York. For a slightly more up to date posts, then click here and don't forget to double tap!

Killington is mainly known as a ski resort, but just before the snow falls, the warm-toned leaves envelopes the town and it looks as beautiful as ever. We specifically avoided spending the weekend at this vacation lodge, that is right next to a lake, to avoid the crowd, as every single weekend until Christmas is fully booked with joyful wedding celebrations. I have never really had a country experience as I usually prefer to surround myself with the hustle and bustle of a crowded city. And after spending 2 nights  at Mountain Meadows Lodge, I can proudly say that it's great to enjoy the allure and tranquility of nature once in a while. Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.

wearing: CHOIES top and skirt | DAY & NIGHT necklace | LOFT hat | MIU MIU sunglasses | SENSO flats

Inspired by all things beautiful, I wanted to channel certain hallmarks of this nature-based experience and the Fall through my outfit. Ever since the monochromatic and minimalistic trend took over social media, my infatuation for vintage, lace and anything camel has been neglected. But thanks to the 70s trend, the have all been quickly revived and made comebacks to my wardrobe, evident from this scalloped-hemmed-suede-skirt and lace-halter-top from Choies. To further accentuate the Fall look, I concluded the look with a maroon-Maple-leaf-coloured-hat.

It's safe to say that Choies understands all things new and all things coming up. 

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