wearing: THE EDITOR'S MARKET dress | GIVENCHY bag | ADIDAS shoes | QUAY sunglasses

You know what they say about horizontal stripes, they make you look bigger than what you actually are and even the slimmest of slims are victims of this trend. While the power of optical illusion does prove this theory to be true, that shouldn't stop people from wearing them right? Make sure they are made well, fit well and wear it with the right accessories to complement it such as this fitted leather jacket. I added a pair of monochrome sneakers to keep it simple and comfortable throughout the day. 

Casually Blue


wearing: THE EDITOR'S MARKET top | ECLAIR COLLECTION shorts | vintage denim jacket | ASOS choker | ADIDAS shoes | CHLOE bag

I feel like I never have enough off-shoulder pieces; evident from posts featuring this voluminous ruffled-sleeves top, striped romper and black lace top. It is a versatile trend that is hard to not fall in love with, due to its femininity and romantic look. I have mentioned this numerous times, but I also cannot get over the white and blue outfit combo, especially with summer peeking just around the corner. So for a weekend brunch, I based my outfit on this casual off the shoulder top from the Editor's Market and paired it with a denim jacket, white shorts and a pair of eye-catching rose gold toe embellished Adidas superstars. 

Bubble Bubble


wearing: PIXIE MARKET top | A BRAND white denim | ASOS sandals and choker | CELINE bag

It only seems natural that a fashion trend would eventually die down, but the off-shoulder craze does the exact opposite. It is the perfect way to be sexy and flirty without showing too much, making it the perfect casual weekend staple. Ever since the trend's debut, every single retailer's racks and online inventories are filled with shoulder exposing styles in different sorts. One of my favourites would be the voluminous ruffled sleeves top from Pixie Market. 

When it comes to most blue tops, I instinctively pair it with a white bottom as the colour combination radiates a relaxed feel and summer vibe. In this case, white skinny jeans would be the most appropriate to retain my shape while sticking to the colour scheme. I also chose to wear a choker to complete the outfit and fill my bare decolletage area. 

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