More Issues Than Vogue


wearing: EBAY top | ASOS skirt | NEW LOOK heels | FACTORIE sunglasses

Traditionally, PVC and other high-shine fabrics are known as the sartorial domain of domination and hence may have gotten a slightly bad reputation. However, with the help of runways and it girls, for instance Alexa Chung and Kimmy K, this particular fabric has gotten a makeover thus most misconceptions are now buried. If styled the right way, a simple piece made out of this material will look chic, smart and daring.
Perhaps wearing latex in this tropical weather is not such a good idea. I was covered in sweat, head to toe, by the end of this shoot. Patent materials make such a statement, there is no need for an extravagant top and accessories to go with it. I paired this simple knee-length design with a humorous T-shirt and a basic strap heels to make it more street style and appropriate for everyday wear. 

Fin Fish


wearing: FBUDI dress

It was love at first sight.
I was recommended by my sister to check out and browse bobobobo, since her Hummingbird Road pieces were coming up on the site (it's readily available now), and luckily found this gorgeous piece by Indonesian designer Felicia Budi. The dress comes from the collection named "Sells", it's not the latest collection but definitely my favourite. Even though I have no special events coming up to wear this dress, I just had to get it.
The pleats remind me of the fins of a fish and when they are combined with the wind, the flow is absolutely magical. This type of intricate details are so whimsical and feminine, I'm convinced that it has become my favourite.



wearing: LOOKBOOK STORE dress | H&M hat | EBAY sandals | QUAY sunglasses | DAY & NIGHT jewellery 

This Bali trip was literally a week ago, and now my holiday is over therefore it's time to hop back on the plane and face reality. Sounds depressing and truthfully I am not looking forward to this.
So on our second and last full day in Bali, we decided to visit the Bird Park (initially for my nephew but I actually really enjoyed it as well) and continued our journey to Ubud and had lunch at Bebek Joni Restaurant. Usually people would go to Bebek Tepi Sawah, but this is a nice alternative. This place has a magnificent view and I have always wanted to do a shoot at a rice field so my dream can finally come true. 

When you are faced with extremely hot and humid weather like this, every single pieces of clothing counts to ease through the day. So I carefully planned my outfits to avoid any dark coloured clothing. This is why in the current and previous post I am/was covered in mostly white or light hues. Pick materials and styles that are breathable, hence that is why I chose this dress for the open shoulders and short length. This also means sun protection is a must. I never leave the hotel without a hat, sun glasses and sun screen on my skin. I thought this straw hat from H&M was appropriate for this vacation as it has a laid-back vibe and pretty much goes with any outfit due to the neutral colour. 

xoxo, ET

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