Floral and Faux Fur


wearing: ROMWE dress | CHOIES faux fur jacket | EBAY heels 

No one can deny that fur is one of the most glamorous and luxe ways to stay stylish whilst keeping ourselves warm during the chilly months. Many brands have come to a realisation that for most people, wearing fur is solely for the aesthetic appeal and thus that real fur isn't really necessary and the most ethical option. Therefore many fashionable faux fur items, from apparel to accessories, have emerged to embrace the trend while eliminating the guilt factor. 

Nowadays with advanced technology, faux fur has become very similar to the real thing, mimicking the majority of real fur aspects and making it difficult to differentiate from each other. A good synthetic fur should be soft, has a great luster and should easily mold back to its original pattern after touching and stroking. This jacket from Choies fulfils these qualities with only half the original price left to pay. Honestly, I didn't expect a lot from the jacket, but as I mentioned earlier, the reason why I purchased this is due to its aesthetics. And to my surprise, the jacket protects me from the cold miserable days.
I decided to pair it with a floral backless dress from Romwe. Every single aspect of the dress embodies femininity; the pattern, the silhouette, the high neck and backless design. It's a perfect dress for special occasions such as high tea, wedding, soiree, etc. 

xoxo, ET

50 Shades of Grey


wearing: EBAY jumper | H&M skirt | NEW LOOK boots | CHANEL bag | DAY & NIGHT necklace

Just a second ago, I was researching and brainstorming regarding the topic I will be writing in this post. So I Googled "Fashion + Grey", and the very first link that came up was Anastasia Steele's outfit compilation on Pinterest, which is not exactly the type of ideas I am looking for. Nowadays, the word "Grey" is most likely to be associated with E L James' recent (and only) sensation. Perhaps I should write Gray instead.

I can't help but to deviate towards darker colours in the cold, and this time around, I decided to dive back into monochromatic looks. I had a prolonged obsession in the previous years, but that was more towards the combination of black and white. Currently, I am loving to dress in one colour but incorporating different shades into an outfit. This is also defined as monochrome and here are some tips and tricks.

Monochrome can be utilised as a styling technique that is beneficial for petites as the outfit can give a longer and taller look. Dark colours are the most appropriate for it as they recede, thus making the wearer look leaner and hence taller. Black is probably the colour that comes to mind for most people, but consider other colours such as navy, burgundy or charcoal in my case. I mixed different shades of black/charcoal as well as textures to make the outfit look more interesting and fresh. So some ripped knits and felt for the top, pleather and suede-like material for the bottoms. And as for the result, I can easily say that it is far from boring. 

xoxo, ET

Bread & Butter Loves COCU


wearing: EBAY sweater | SABO SKIRT shorts | NEW LOOK boots | coat from Japan | DAY & NIGHT necklace, earrings and rings | CHANEL bag 

On the 28th of June, Collective Curators (established by two lovely girls Cherry and Charmaine)  launched their first event at the Stable of Como. Their first debut could not have been more successful, a bunch of Melbourne Instagrammers gathered for brunch and talked for hours (literally), sharing tips and tricks to achieve an awesome feed in forms of squares. I have met some of the nicest, most gorgeous and creative people whilst munching away some delicious food. 

So what is Collective Curators (COCU)? It is a platform that creates a warm and supportive community of Instragrammers, which transforms online connections to real-life relationships. COCU provide exciting opportunities to connect with fellow influencers as well as external entities that may be relevant to your Instagram account. This may not be the most accurate and sufficient information, but if you would like to know more, simply shoot an email to Cherry and Charmainecollectivecurators@gmail.com

And this is what I wore. I trusted my turtleneck sweater to give me the right coverage against the chilly weather. I paired it with some laced shorts because although this is a summer piece, the small piece of fabric can go a long way, giving a cool spin to thigh-high boots. 

 and how delicious does this banana hotcake look??? Looks are not deceiving in this case!

xoxo, ET

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