Three Ways to Style Bell Sleeves Tops


We have all heard bell bottoms, especially you fellow 90s kids, but it is time to graduate and consider bell-sleeves instead. Take one look at a bell-sleeve and you shall be whisked straight back to the 70s. The dreamy 70s era has come an abundance of voluminous shapes whether it is your hair, bottoms or tops. This trend is characterised by a fitted top with a distinct ethereal volume starting below the elbow or wrist, the perfect way to add a slight drama to any ensemble. The catch about a trend making a comeback is all about interpretation and recreate a modern look with it so you can avoid looking like you're going to a fancy dress party, and here's 3 different ways to style bell-sleeve tops. 

wearing: SHOWPO top | LOFT flared jeans | RUBI wedges | MULBERRY bag

1. Double Bells: Bell sleeves and bell bottoms. you cannot get anymore 70s than this double combo. Ever since the skinnies trend, I always thought that the bell bottom jeans will never ever make a comeback whatsoever. But obviously I thought wrong. Somehow wearing bell bottoms create a slimmer and elongating effect which is always a plus point in my book. Perhaps its the mystery of your calf size. I decided to add another classic style in the mix of denim and whites, and complete the look with a pair of wedges for extra height. 

wearing: BEGINNING bOUTIQUE top | H&M dungaree | GIVENCHY antigona bag | STACCATO heels 
2. Bells and Dungarees: Although at first Overalls, or also known as Dungarees, may seemingly be challenging to style, it can actually be a quick and easy outfit as they can be paired with literally any top from your wardrobe. The crucial trick is to style them without looking like an overgrown toddler, unless you are Kendall Jenner, most people cannot get away with it. Mixing something a little flirty and feminine with these lace bell-sleeves top. And not forgetting to smarten up and elongate the legs with a pair of black pointy heels. 

wearing: POMELO FASHION top | A BRAND white jeans | COACH bag | ADIDAS superstar shoes

3. Gothic bells: the first rule I learnt when styling a look from one of my favourite fashion guru, Chriselle Lim, is "opposites attract". Pair your voluminous top with a fitted bottom or vice versa to avoid losing your shape. So in this case I chose to pair my black bell-sleeve top from Pomelo Fashion with white skinnies for a casual street look. This is my way of being lazy but trying to be stylish at the same time, because you can never go wrong with an all black outfit. 

Three Ways to Style Adidas Sneakers


There are certain trends that are destined to make a comeback and perhaps will stay around for long. Never thought in a million years that I would be into sneakers, Adidas specifically. Nike has always been my sneakers preference but only to the extent of sporting activities purposes. Fast forward to 2016, I am starting a collection of all brands and I will choose sneakers over heels or any other footwear whenever possible and appropriate.
As much as I love heels, as soon as the lustful feeling fades, the reality that those shoes are most likely painful, hard to walk in and will probably cause bone deformity in the near future kicks in. Nothing beats the comfort of sneakers, they are especially great for travelling. 

wearing: BEC & BRIDGE top | skirt from sister's old wardrobe | QUAY sunglasses | ADIDAS superstar sneakers | LACK OF COLOUR hat

One of my favourite combinations as of now would be wearing them with skirts, a cross between fancy and simple. Athletic footwear adds the perfect balance of sporty and instantly make the look more downtown cool instead of the usual uptown elegant. The unexpected combination not only look great but also demonstrates how the "rules" of what is "right" can sometimes be bent. Surprise surprise, I chose another white on white outfit. If you have not figured it out yet, yes I am obsessed with anything white. 

wearing: BOOHOO dress | ADIDAS cap | YEEZY boost 350 sneakers | GIVENCHY antigona bag

For those who are not too comfortable with mixing a feminine skirt with sneakers, this is an alternative: a slightly sporty and simple dress. The great thing about this dress is that it can go both ways depending how you accessorise; either a fancy night-out dress when paired with heels and a clutch or a more active when paired with a sports cap and sneakers. 

wearing: BOOHOO striped over-the-shoulders top | TOPSHOP white jeans | ADIDAS superstar 80s rose gold sneakers  and cap
Lastly, when you can't think of anything to wear for a quick lunch, pair you favourite sneakers with any skinnies. You are guaranteed a great looking effortless outfit. To spice things up, I added this striped over-the-shoulders top for a feminine touch yet also athletic look.


White Denim 101


When it comes to denim, the majority will tend to choose the  usual blue jeans or darker washes such as navy or black for obvious reasons, they are more flattering as they give the illusion of slimmer legs and also they are easier to take care of. In addition to this, lighter washes of white denim will show your itinerary of the entire day: the splash of your morning coffee or tomato sauce spillage from lunch, everything shows up clearly on a white blank canvas. So everywhere you go, everywhere you sit, you have to be extra careful to avoid any stains.

Those were the downsides, however light coloured denim like white is just too chic to pass. White denim can give you an instant sophisticated look, looking pristine, clean and polished. One of the greatest things is that it is seasonless. So whether you are shopping in gloomy and chilly London, or laying on the beach in the Bahamas, white denim is appropriate for any season, or any occasions, especially in the summer as it highlights your tan. Here's a few different ways to wear white denim.

wearing: THE EDITOR'S MARKET top | A BRAND jeans | TONY BIANCO heels | CELINE bag | QUAY sunglasses 
Pairing white on white is an easy combination that is effortless but your outfit is instantly elevated with its minimalist and clean gleam. I paired this off the shoulder top with a pair of ripped jeans for a hint of texture and made sure I wore heels to avoid looking stumpy (unless you have Victoria Secret legs).

wearing: THE EDITOR'S MARKET top | A BRAND shorts | LACK OF COLOUR AUS hat 
My second look involves another over the shoulder top in the colour black, paired with a casual  ripped denim shorts. I went on a mini road trip to Daylesford, approximately 2 hours away from Melbourne. So I knew I had to have something comfortable on me. I also added my current favourite hat to add little whimsicality which fits perfectly with the lake and the pier.

wearing: POMELO top and skirt | LACK OF COLOUR AUS hat
Recently I found Pomelo fashion through Instagram and went on a crazy virtual shopping spree. Shipping was fast, quality is great and they are affordable. One of the things I purchased was this midi white denim skirt and as expected, I am obsessed with it. I have done a few different looks with this particular skirt that is yet to be revealed, but for the moment, it is another white on white outfit, because I just can't resist. The top is also from Pomelo, and I just love how the sleeve detail give extra quirk and femininity. And of course I wouldn't forget to add my straw hat into the equation, especially when visiting a beach.

PS: Happy Easter!
xoxo, ET

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