wearing: H&M top and jacket | TOPSHOP skort | DAY & NIGHT perfume iphone case | shoes from PaleDivision | PRADA sunglasses

No one can forget or get over the perspex craze, e.g. Charlotte Olympia's Pandora clutch. There is something unique about wearing transparent items, from showing what's inside your bag to parading your garments under transparent coats (i.e. Burberry SS14). Transparent items are still going strong and they are definitely staying around. I could not resist to get my hands on these perspex heels from Willabelle Ong's facebook when I found out they were on sale. They have that nostalgic and classic feel of school shoes but edgy and sophisticated from the mid-foot cut and perspex heels. I felt it was appropriate to pair these gorgeous shoes with delicate white lace socks for extra femininity.
I wanted to have a pastel and neutral palette based on these shoes. I recently went to Topshop for their huge sales, but ended up purchasing this full priced pale pink skort. It is worth every cent I paid for. The quality, material and fit are all excellent. I decided to mix a polished look (skort and blazer) with a laid-back casual Tee. 
Lately, I have been really lazy to bring a handbag, so this perfume iphone case from Day & Night with a sling was the perfect solution! And it also comes in black.

xoxo, ET 


Monday Baby Blues

 wearing: ZARA blazer | TOPSHOP playsuit | H&M thigh-high socks | STACCATO boots | bag from Korea
Although it's technically winter by now, Melbourne is still in that transitional weather phase at the moment; hot but cold, cold but hot.  The best way to tackle this weather dilemma is to layer with items a bit lighter or easy to take off, for instance these thigh-high socks.
I see an outfit as some sort of illusion. You could easily play with people's perception with colour (e.g. black makes you look thinner) and shape. For some reasons, thigh-high socks make my legs look slightly longer, especially in the thigh area, and slimmer. On top of that, they give an excitement to an otherwise simple and plain outfit.

xoxo, ET
Beauty Walks


Checkmate III

 wearing: MISS SHOP top, hatshirt & lipstick | H&M skirt and boots | GIVENCHY bag

This is the third outfit I styled using a plaid shirt from Material World by Madonna (click here for outfit no. 1 and no. 2) and this time I decided to wear it as an outerwear. It gives the excellent coverage for those colder days but not chilly enough for a thick jacket. The slouchy fit is perfect for a casual and laid-back look yet style is still able to be maintained.

xoxo, ET