wearing: BEGINNING BOUTIQUE top | TOPSHOP skirt | GIVENCHY antigona bag | leather jacket stolen from sister's wardrobe | H&M boots | QUAY sunglasses

Whenever the sun is out and the temperature is on the warmer side, I always feel like going to the beach. Either just strolling around, laying in the sun or having a drink. Coincidentally I was wearing this blue crop-top which reminds me of the waves (not present in St. Kilda Beach obviously, maybe think of Bondi Beach instead). 
I wanted to add a pop of colour to the outfit since it is already Spring in Melbourne. Therefore I feel obliged to wear other things besides black and white. The gorgeous print and feminine cut of the shoulders are the reasons why I wanted this top. To continue with the girly vibe, I paired it with this sweet lace skirt from Topshop but also toughened the look by adding this black leather jacket and booties.

xoxo, ET



wearing: THE EDITOR'S MARKET shirt | STAPLE THE LABEL stingray shorts | GIVENCHY bag | QUAY sunglasses

I knew the existence of the Webb Bridge for a long time now since it keeps making appearances on my Instagram feed. Thanks to my girlies (you know who you are) who stayed strong and resilient to accompany me find this bridge. If you're the type of person who walks a lot, then it would be pretty easy to find this Webb Bridge. But since I reached my legal age, I got my driver's licence pretty much straight away, and then I became those people who drive everywhere. So it took us AGES (capital letters can't even justify how long it was) to reach this destination. I had to type "where is Webb Bridge Melbourne" into google and finally this site helped me. Don't type "Webb Bridge" straight away onto google or copy-paste the address google initially gives you, that was how we got lost. Despite this uphill battle, it was all worth it because the Webb Bridge is simply stunning and photogenic.

Recently I was lucky enough to have been invited to a styling guide, hosted by the lovely girls from Staple the Label and the Rumour Mill (check out this post). As soon as I saw this pair of stingray inspired shorts (available here and also comes in red) laid out on the table, I fell in love with the texture, colour and the sporty chic vibe. It has a simple silhouette yet the details of the material is simple gorgeous and unique. I decided to juxtapose the structured shorts with flowy shirt with hummingbirds all over it and a lace bralette underneath.

ps: I bought a new lens! :D :D :D

xoxo, ET

Knock Knock


wearing: MISS SELFRIDGE crop top | AMERICAN APPAREL disco pants | ZARA denim jacket | GIVENCHY antigona bag | H&M boots | QUAY sunglasses

I keep saying this every year, but to be honest I genuinely feel that this year has flown faster than the speed of light. Spring has already been knocking on Melbourne's door with the sunshine, clear skies, warm-ish temperatures and events such as Melbourne Spring Fashion Week! I'm planning to go this year for the first time and I'm beyond excited. I'm going to Runway 2, any of you going?

I should probably start embracing the spring weather by wearing pastel colours or floral prints, but it really is so hard to leave black in the dark (i.e. the cupboard). My disco pants from American Apparel has definitely been my go-to pants whenever I'm stuck or lazy to think of an outfit. As I have said previously, numerous times as well, you can never go wrong with disco pants. It sucks up all the excess soft tissues (i.e. fat if you're not toned like me) and it will make you look like you have lost 2kg overnight. Pair it with an over-sized jumper and you can still semi-maintain your figure and avoid looking like a sack, or in my case wear a crop top. I'm not too confident baring my midriffs, so the solution for this is to wear something high-waisted. I decided to maintain the monochrome theme for this outfit so I wore these black booties from H&M to elongate my legs.

xoxo, ET

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