When I Met You in the Summer


wearing: YOUNG HUNGRY FREE top and skirt | RUBI bag, shoes and sunglasses | DAY & NIGHT necklaces (blue and clear), bracelets and rings

Although summer technically has started nearly a month ago now, it's only until now that Melbourne truly feels like summer with clear skies, pinky/purply sunsets and dry hot weather. With every season there comes a list of essentials for us to get ready to face the sun and cope with the natural condition. 

1. To no surprise, Sunglasses will always make it to the summer essentials list. Whenever the sun shines brightly, one will naturally reach for these to protect the eye. On the plus side, they complete the outfit and make you feel confident. Since my face is on the wider side, I require something that is also quite big and wide to give the illusion of a narrower face. That's why these sunglasses from Rubi is the perfect choice (Ps: I have 2 pairs exactly the same in different colours).

2. Instead of looking kind of sloppy by wearing thongs (yes Australians call it thongs instead of flip flops), I choose a pair of comfortable wedges instead. Don't get me wrong, I love thongs because it's easy and super comfy. However, there is a reason why you will be turned down if you are wearing a pair of Havaianas to a bar. There is no such thing as a a dressy flip flop, regardless how fancy and how many sequins are on it. An alternative is for example, is this pair of nude wedges from Rubi. The main reason why I love this is that it feels like wearing a flatform. It's comfortable but at the same time still provides me with the extra height I require. The open toe and T-Bar design gives room for your feet to breathe as well,

3. When the temperature is high, I like my hands to be free so I can use one to hold a cup of refreshing beverage and the other to hold some sort of fan to cool off and avoid sweat dripping down my face. That's why a cross-body bag is on this list, especially a bucket bag since it can fit a lot and easy to close. 

xoxo, ET

Black, White and All Shades In Between


wearing: H&M top | YOUNG HUNGRY FREE pants | EVIL TWIN cardigan | QUAY sunglasses | MISS SHOP hat | SPORTSGIRL clutch | STACCATO heels 

As per usual, time goes faster than what we anticipate. there is only 9 more days until christmas and 2014 is coming to an end. Time to start reflecting back of what we have achieved and make a new list of resolutions that I will probably not complete...once again. I was pretty determined to write more posts in a year compared to last year's (this is probably what amateur bloggers, like me, put on their resolution lists every year) , but sometimes things just come up and other things get forgotten. So apologies for the infrequent posts, but here's another one!

It is one of the easiest things in the world to mix black, white and all shades in between, and call it an outfit. Effortless but can potentially be elevated to the next level with dramatic pieces such as a pair of split pants and slouchy cardigan. Not to forget to incorporate a few accessories to complete the outfit by adding a few metallic pieces on your fingers, on your chest and covering your eyes, as well as something on your head to balance the look. 

xoxo, ET



wearing: THE EDITOR'S MARKET top | YOUNG HUNGRY FREE split skirt | PRADA sunglasses | VINTAGE necklace | YSL ring | Hermes bracelet | GIVENCHY bag | STACCATO heels 

Continuing with the concept of simplicity from my last post, one does not need to be bold and outrageous to be attractive... and that is how this skirt caught my attention. I have to admit, the skirt by itself... it was not exactly love at first sight. It's long and straight, nothing too special. With the addition of movements and slight breeze on the other hand, the skirt suddenly has the ability to knock someone's socks off. 
As Coco Chanel once said, that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony. So I went for the monochromatic look by wearing all white with a touch of black accessories. 

xoxo, ET

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